Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Now through October 31st CROWING ABOUT PRIMITIVES is having her last wool sale of the year. Click on the link in red and it will take you right to her site... I use her wool on just about every doll I make and it is one of the best out there I have found to work with. VERY clean which is so important to me when paying out the money for wool. If you get a chance please take a peek at her wool... You wont be disappointed in your purchase!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another day in Paradise... today's trip was Hana. Took us 5 hours up and back. Going was better than coming back as Steve's driving scared the beejeebees out of me. I tried to read and keep my head down but I ran out of things to read!!! There are only over 600 hairpin turns and 60 something one lane bridges. Who designed this I havent a clue!!! Can only have been a male!!! We stopped at one beach where the waves were actually quite large than the side of the island we are on. Alot of surfers were out..we both enjoyed watching them..just not sure how they avoid permanent injury or death running into each other!Most of the waterfalls on this trip were not flowing... time of year and not alot of rainfall. Still beautiful and green on that side of the island and a pretty change from Lahaina...
So we are back in our condo tonight... finishing off my bottle of wine and relaxing... Tomorrow we catch a flight back to the mainland and home sweet home!!! My cats are missing me!!! LOL

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IN Maui!!! For those inquiring minds that want to know where I am!!! I think I need to be home sewing though. We got here on Saturday and I must admit it's very hot this time of year in the 90's and the winds have been horrible!!! The first night we went to Kaanapali and had dinner with Steve's parents, sister and husband.. Steve and I drove up to Mount Haleakala yesterday. 10,020 feet above sea level. We were in clouds and the temperature change about 30 degrees difference. On a clear day I'm sure it would be beautiful looking over the island but we could see nothing but clouds. The top of the crater is nothing pretty to look at but alot of brown lava rock...
So other than the little bit we have done am I having a good time?? NO. Steve and I are the only ones going anywhere. The rest of his family sits all day, watches tv or lays by the pool and reads!!! I can't do it!!! And some of the conversations and actions of certain individuals has been mind boggling!!! Immature and flat our rude. So I sit back... try to get through it,, I mean for heaven sakes I'm in Maui right?? I keep thinking I can be home sewing!!! LOL Steve and I were to be off to Hana today but those plans changed quickly when we had a tsunami warning here in Maui... yeah quite exciting to think about and something I don't want to experience while on a vacation! Luckily that expired and all they got here were larger waves and more frequent of them. SOOOO.... tomorrow Steve and I are off to Hana...NO ONE else is going!!! I want to enjoy it and take pictures along the way...so hopefully tomorrow I have happier news to report!!! Aloha!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today Steve had a phone call no one wants to hear. His dad called him at work and told him he wanted to see him to talk about his health. When Steve arrived at his parents home his dad was in tears and proceeded to tell him that he has melanoma on his back. I have no idea at this point what classification it is or any details. As always we never hear everything that a doctor tells them. Tomorrow he will go back into the local oncologist and have more removed. They leave for Maui on the 23rd ( where we will be surprising them and Steves sister on friday) I understand he will return home after his vacation and then have an appt in October to see another oncologist at one of the hospitals in Portland. Steve mentioned chemotherapy but details I dont know yet. I will probably gather more information while on our trip. Needless to say please again keep Jack in your prayers. At his age chemo will not be easy by any means. I will update as I find out more.

I again painted Sunday til I ran out of paint. Made it through the entryway and the high ceilings and down the stairs and partway down the hall. I didnt feel like going to the store to buy more paint so maybe will try to finish that this sunday before we leave. I love the new colors, much warmer feeling. Got a new sofa downstairs so once it is completely painted down there and stuff hung I will take pics.

Working on some dolls here...progress is slow for me but Im getting there!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Its FRIDAY!!! Not that I'm excited about fridays or anything but it does mean tonight is high school football and it happens to be a home game. Nothing special as Shane doesn't play anymore but none the less still fun to watch the kids play. I had a hair appointment this morning and got my already short hair cut shorter... lovin the new look!! LOL

I managed to list a couple pumpkin dolls finally on ebay!!! I had forgotten I had made them last year until a past customer asked me if I was making any this year. So I finally finished two of them...

Tomorrow we are off to Eugene.... Shopping and then at 7:30 pm the Ducks play.... OH we had better have a better night than we did last thursday!! I can only hope for a better outcome. Sunday I may be finishing the painting in the entryway... as of now its half done and not making me very happy. Enjoy the weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awhile back I had posted the painting of the front doors of our house. We paid a guy to finish it and had him paint the garage doors also. One thing I don't mind is painting indoors but I hate outdoor painting!! We are both very pleased at the black doors and have had a few neighbors stop by to tell us they liked the change. Just need lights next to the front door and that job will be completed.
Yesterday was spent sewing on two new dolls. No painting was even attempted inside. I may venture to finish the remainder on Sunday. I'm still looking at this order I need to finish and I am still having a hard time picking it up to work on it. Why is it sometimes things are not fun to do?? My promise to myself is to work on her today without fail!!!
15 more days and I am Maui bound again!!! Second time this year,,, ya think Id have a home there by now!! We will be surprising Steve's sister and parents this time. So I guess this sewing stuff better get done quickly!!! Where has the time gone this year!!!???

Monday, September 7, 2009

Okay so I'm bad again at keeping up on my blog... LOL Alot has been happening around here...!!! I have undertaken another huge job in painting the indoors upstairs and down. Ive been meaning to do it for years now and finally thought I need to do this before company comes for the wedding in July!!! So a few pics will show how it looks now. Ive gone with browns and different taupe's, now having three colors on the upstairs walls.
Its been a chore and I have made it to the entryway!!! Now the 16 foot ceiling to conquer and then its a piece of cake from there. Not sure if I will start that tomorrow or give myself a break and sew for a day. 3 days of painting is kinda boring but pretty!!!
I updated WSOAPP last night... Two Santa's on there that will be listed on ebay probably tomorrow. I guess I need to get an order completed I have here but when trying to find the right fabric for the dress I am having a complete meltdown. For the life of me I don't know what to use on her!! I gotta get myself in gear and find something for her. Also have naked doll bodies laying here to dress... hmmmm maybe I could rip one off that someone else gave me...OOPS me bad!!! LMAO!!
Many have asked how Shane is doing in the Air Force... I'd have to say extremely well!!! He has never yet complained about his 3:40 am wake ups to do PT.... or the heat that still blankets southern Texas. He has a cell phone now with his data plan so has complete access to internet in his hands at all times. A new computer and was able to use his Blackberry Storm as a modem and now has internet in his dorm room. He rooms with two other young men and they get along great. They love the care packages I've sent... More food!!! Last night a bunch of them went into town and walked the Riverwalk and hit Hooters for dinner... Sly Shane slipped the waitress his telephone number... LOL yeah that's SHANE!!!!!
I thought I would come in here and sew this evening but now I remember I need to make cookies and candy to send to Shane tomorrow....so off I go to bake!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I got a wonderful swap in the mail from NTDOLLS... Nancy!!! Oh what wonderful goodies I received!!! Happy day!!! The most adorable make do pumpkin head... Just too dang cute!!! Candles that are to die for smell!!! How fitting since Cranberry is one of my favorites!!! Also a bag of wonderful potpourri rosehips and cinnamon sticks with cranberry refresher oil!! Buttons....love buttons... a great tablet that I can never have enough of a wooden bobbin and beautiful laces and trims!!! Just wonderful!!!! Many many thanks Nancy. I cant wait to do another swap on our board!!!!

It's official... Shane is an Airmen!!! What a wonderful time I had spending with him this last weekend!! Thursday we got the first glimpse of him at the Airman's run and then had to wait a couple hours til the Coin Ceremony. Very moving to hear the Airmen recite the Airman's Creed and receive their coins. Then it was time for me to make my way down to see him for the first time in 8 1/2 weeks. Oh the tears flowed when I grabbed on to him and hugged!!! He did so well... he sniffled and fought back the tears. I was so dang PROUD of him I could burst!! He looks so good in uniform!! Shane has never been a bad kid or one that caused troubles...but boy could you tell the difference in him. He isn't a boy anymore but a MAN. Everything he says is "yes mam, or sir" Its unreal how grown up he is!! Of course the goofy side is still there but not in public....lol While there we were finally able to get his college credits straightened out and he was able to sew that first stripe on his arm!!! Of course that meant having stripes sewn on all his clothing,,,, $80.00 later!! But its a pay raise and heck college he hated paid off!!!

Mom, Rhonda, JoAnn and Chris all flew in on Friday for the actual graduation ceremony. Shane was so happy to have them all there and if he didn't say it I know he mentioned it to me several times!! Poor mom walked her legs off!! Had some great food while down there but there is no way in HELL I would ever want to move there!!! HOT and DIRTY!! ick!!!Now Shane will stay at Lackland AFB for another 14 weeks, if all goes well with tests and training he will graduate Security Forces and come home finally for 10 days at least!! I am counting down the days to see him again especially back at home. The hardest thing was having to say good-bye and I am still having my moments when I talk about him. One nice thing is he has his cell phone and can call in the evenings. Once he can get online he will be able to use his new laptop and life won't be so boring for him in the evenings.So now I am back home and reality must take over again. I have got to sew!! I see on my moms blog that Christmas is 121 days away!! That's right around the corner!! I looked out in the yard yesterday and the weeds are quite happy and the grass is long..UGH that's a day of work in itself! I have all the walls to paint in the house in the worst way and a wedding that needs to be planned.... What is time? I don't know I'm not using it wisely and need to get my act together!! So after a few errands today I am sewing on two Santa's...if I can get them done then I will work in the yard tomorrow and maybe somehow I will get my long list of things to do DONE!!!It's good to be home and my cats missed me!! Brandy won't seem to leave me alone now. I think she thinks I'm leaving her again!! I miss Shane but I know he is safe and eating well. Until he comes home I will start checking off the days on the calendar once again.......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Day has came!!! We are off to Portland and have an early flight out tomorrow morning for San Antonio!! Hard to believe Shane is almost finished with BMT and graduating. It feels like forever since I have seen him!! I have had quite a few phone calls this last week, some short and some very long. He has been very talkative!! I plan to take lots of photos so my blog may be full of them....hopefully will update while on the trip. OH I am so excited!!!
I have been pretty busy sewing and did quite well on Santa's this last week. Last night I listed Galinda on a 5 day auction since I am leaving town. So much to do when we return from our trip!! I thought I would have a bunch of dolls stockpiled and ready to list in the fall... LOL NOT!!! Why do I have these high hopes and then not follow through with them?? So obviously I will have to put my foot down and sew and quit procrastinating!! But then there's all the weeds that need to be pulled before the rains start, and then all that painting that needs to be done inside the house!! Not to mention the wedding, Duck football games and Maui...OH such a busy schedule coming up!!! I need a clone!!! Anyways... I have so much to do here I need to get off this computer... Procrastinating is one of my crutches in life... I haven't packed yet!!! We leave in a couple hours!!! Wish me luck on my trip!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm back and blogging again!!! Well at least today I am...LOL I don't even know where to begin so much has happened since I last decided to write. I had girls trip in CA, and my sister and Brother in law arrived last weekend. Things have been going very quickly here and seems a day starts and ends without much of a blink of an eye. So much I want and or need to get done...and the days are over before I begin.
While Rhonda and Brian visited we went to the ocean twice. The girls loved searching for shells and we had two of the most beautiful days here to be at the ocean!! The heart in the sand is a jellyfish in the perfect shape of a heart... SO COOL!!!! Rhonda and I also took the girls to the Wildlife Safari park south of Bandon. I had never been there and was nice but a little spendy. A little of everything at the park and sometimes quite stinky!!! Regardless it was a nice but short visit. I hope they enjoyed themselves as it seemed we never stopped moving while they were here.
Tuesday is finally the day Steve and I leave for San Antonio!!! I cant begin to write how excited I am to see Shane again! He left on June 23rd and it feels like a lifetime ago. All the letters and the few phone calls have been very positive. He seems to have no time to miss home or his things/friends. New friends have been made through BMT and he sounds happy. I do catch the occasional he can't wait to see me comments.... Of course that makes me happy!! We will arrive in San Antonio on Wednesday. Early Thursday morning is the Airmens run and coin ceremony. We will get to spend time with him on base the rest of the afternoon. Friday is graduation day!! Mom and Rhonda,Chris and JoAnn are all flying in to see him graduate. He is just going to burst I have no doubt!! I am bringing my box of Puffs with Lotion!! Friday after the ceremony he will get a town pass and again on Saturday. He wants to visit Sea World so will hopefully get to do so. Sunday will be church with him and base liberty unless he gets honors then he will be able to have another town pass. Regardless I have to say goodbye to him on Sunday evening. We leave Monday evening but he starts tech school Monday morning and will be there for another 13 weeks. SAD!!! One positive note... he will have his new cell phone and the new computer we bought him for graduation!!! He is going to be so happy!!! Oh yeah and his xbox 360 and games... he said he cant live without those!! MEN!!!
I am sewing again and will list two more dolls today on ebay....I will blog again once I get them on there!!! Til then.....

Friday, July 31, 2009

Nice way to wake up this morning!!! Shane called!!! Although a very short but brief talk all is going well. He sounded upbeat and is looking forward to BEAST next week. Whew..its a countdown now and I cannot wait to get to San Antonio!!! Seems the AF needs Shane's transcripts also from College of the Redwoods... if all goes well they will move him up to an E2 now and he will get more pay etc. Shane said he has written a couple letters since the gas chamber last Tuesday but as of yet I have not received them...so on pins and needles to read!!!
I guess it was fun, that's all he said about it.

I actually have been sewing again!!! Nice to get my sewing machine back from mom and dad!!! Wow you don't know what you miss until its gone!!! I had bought another machine thinking my PFaff wasn't going to be repaired... but Dad got it fixed and it is so nice to have back!!! So I have set up two machines on my table... nice to not have to switch the threading as often.

Two Santa's have been listed on ebay I know its early for Santa's but they are truly my favorite thing to make so more will be coming!! Today I should finish off one of my fall dolls and get listed. Trying to be productive here!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another week down.. thankfully!!! 25 more days and I am off to San Antonio to see Shane!! The days can't go fast enough now. I had quite a surprise today. I was busy sewing and heard the doorbell. Looked out the window and saw Seth's blue truck outside ( Seth is Laresa's boyfriend) I went to the door and I could see the nervous look on his face. I asked him to come in, he took his shoes off and we went upstairs. He sits down and I am like thinking... OH you aren't here to tell me you are breaking up with her?? I cant deal with it!! BUT... quite the opposite. Seth asked me if he could marry my daughter... I about came out of my skin!!! I am very very happy!!! He told me he had the ring bought and wanted to ask her tonight after she got off work. OH I wanted to tell everyone!!! But I kept it to myself. Later they both showed up to show off her ring... Beautiful!!... She is just beaming from ear to ear in shock!!! He took her out to the ocean on a lookout cliff and showed her the driftwood that spelled out Will You Marry Me? in the sand. Seth said her eyes looked like a deer in headlights... totally shocked!!! Her comment was NO WAY,, YOUR KIDDING ME!! SERIOUSLY?? LOL. He was so scared to do it!!! So for all the crappy things that have been happening I hope this is the start of new beginnings...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a whirlwind roller coaster I have been on... CA and back and my mind is so full of things whirling around. It's got me on the edge. I have been wanting to go to the ocean for days now and today I just did it regardless of the weather. It was 53 degrees out and I took off the flip flops put on a jacket and walked along the beach. Listening to my music and just taking in all that was around me... TRUE HAPPINESS. I have so many emotions inside and I find such solace visiting the ocean to just sit and think.
I have heard from Shane a few times through letters this last week. Everything is going very, very well.... he actually has never complained about the heat, the yelling or not being home. So many of the guys are crying and wanting to go home so I take comfort in knowing he is adjusting to BMT. Shane says the food is AWESOME!!! Here is a list of his typical day of eating for him... Breakfast, 4 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, 2 hashbrown patties, an omelet, biscuit with cherries on top and an apple. Lunch, 4 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and whatever is there for lunch, Dinner, 4 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and whatever is on the dinner line. He has hot dogs, roast beef, chicken, onion rings and spaghetti...He is eating so that's always a good sign!!! I've never heard him eat so much in my life!! 27 more days and I will be in San Antonio to see him graduate!!! Buying the Puffs ahead of time cuz there is no doubt I will be an emotional wreck.
My creativity has been pretty much non existent... sad to say when I've got others asking for things and I cant seem to focus. Funny how there are certain things that can consume your thoughts and nothing else seems to matter...... but a reality check .. I need to get busy!! OH and for those inquiring minds that wondered what happened with the front door.... I came back from CA and it Steve had paid someone to paint it.... GLAD IT WASN'T ME DOING IT!!! Miracles do happen...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am thrilled I received TWO letters in the mail today!!! Shane is doing so well, can hardly believe that's the same person that left here weeks ago!! I am just happy, happy!! He loves chapel....says its AMAZING!!! He has made three close friends and feels like they have a real brotherhood going on in the unit. Shane has a woman T.I. and says its her first flight... so its been pretty laid back. Alot less yelling since he arrived. Had a penicillin shot in the hiney and it still hurts. He's been issued his M16 so he is lovin life. And he had to throw in... HE LOOKS HOT IN HIS UNIFORM!!! LOL. Gotta love him!!! He ended his letter with Love You Much!!! Your one and only son :) I tell ya this kid is different already!!! All in all everything he wrote was very positive which in turn makes me happier. Hope it continues!! August 21st cant come fast enough.

I listed July Santa yesterday on ebay. Whoohoo...love Santa's!! Nothing else much new.. sewing around about 9 dolls and will stuff maybe tomorrow. I have to pack for my trip to CA on friday so don't know how much sewing I will get done. I have one doll I need to at least get ready to dress for MISS POSSUM( lol)

Monday, July 6, 2009

OH the mail came today... and there sat this envelope. I thought YES I got the letter Shane said he wrote. But then I started to think... I sent him with the small envelopes and this was a bulk mail stamped envelope. He called friday and said he wrote me a letter there is no way it could be here already. Yeah.. It isn't the letter I was waiting for but all his graduation information. A little let down but yet its nice to see the handwriting. Also my postcard finally arrived to let me know he arrived... A BIT LATE 2 1/2 weeks later...OH well I am still happy and will just wait again tomorrow for that letter to arrive!
All in all things are getting better for me. I still go into his room just to take in his cologne, or look out the front window to see his car parked out there. My laundry has been cut more than in half, and what is cooking these days ? So I should be happy... BUT I MISS HIM!!!
I have managed to get two dolls listed on ebay and tonight hopefully I will update the WSOAPP shoppe. Esmeranda and Gretchen are the first of my Fall/Halloween dolls. I really don't enjoy that season so won't do too many things related to Halloween. Christmas is my favorite time of year and love anything to do with it. Very soon Santa's will be creeping on the listings... Hmm let's see the last time I read moms blog she still has her Christmas countdown going... something like 172 days left!!! Where the heck has 2009 gone? Cross your fingers my time waiting for graduation goes by fast... Stay tuned for updates hopefully tomorrow... LETTER, LETTER, LETTER!!! PLEASE!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!! The meaning of this day takes a different turn when you have a loved one that is joining the military. The thoughts of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice that we can be a Free country. I take great pride today to honor those that serve and have given their lives so that I can do what I please, worship as I please and speak my mind. Thank you to those in our military!! As I write this I of course take great pride in my son in Air Force BMT!!! I heard from Shane last night and as you might expect I was on cloud nine!! He sounded great!! He said its a mind game. Our conversation was short only about 4 minutes long. He is doing well and in good spirits. Has made some really good friends and finally wrote me a short letter he said. So til the next time I hear from him, I write a letter everyday and he loves getting mail!!! I am so proud!!!
So today we will work here at the house and then off to the bay to watch the fireworks the firefighters and the City of Coos Bay put on. Steve will have a barbecue down at his work... In the meantime Steve is outside sanding the front door!!! YES finally we may get this ugly door done and painted!!! ( okay it may not get done he just told me his hand is numb and he may have to quit) Figures,,, it will probably be finished by me... Of course the detailed sanding will be left up to me to get done..and of course the painting of the door. That may be a few weeks before I can get to it I dunno!!!
I am sewing today while he sands at the door.... I hope to have a doll ready to list on ebay and then I have a few special projects to get done. All in all a busy weekend no doubt. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend... Prayers for Brian as he is in treatment again and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Days go Bye..... I can't tell you how sad it is to have my son gone as I dont have the words to express it. At 7 am on Saturday morning I got the phone call I was waiting for. I have never moved so fast out of bed with pen and paper in my hand!!! Shane was on the other end to tell me he made it to San Antonio and read off his address. We said we loved each other and he said he was fine. He sounded tired to me and I can only imagine the kid that loved to sleep in til noon is tired!! Reveille plays at 4:45 in the morning and they have a mere 15 minutes to shower, shave and be downstairs for physical conditioning. OH MY is all I can say!! Shane is no early riser!! The day ends with Taps at 9pm. lights out. As you might imagine I am thrilled to have an address now. At least a part of me feels I'm talking to him even if its days before he ever receives the letters. I write everyday .. I'm told its great for their morale and helps them stay connected to loved ones. So with each day I countdown to graduation... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I finally was able to finish dressing one of the many naked doll bodies I've been talking about for weeks. Santa Sam was listed today on ebay
It has taken me some time to sit and think about something besides my sadness... so there is hope for me at the end of the tunnel!! Each day is a little easier and my hopes are to get these dolls dressed here!! One of Shane's biggest concerns was how I would deal with him leaving and he wouldn't want me sad and crying all the time. So I am trying!!! Alot of praying and well wishes from family and wonderful email friends.. I thank you all it means alot. ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well he is gone.... and I will tell you I am the saddest I think I have been in so many years... I guess you don't realize what you have until its gone. All the times he may have upset me or stressed me out, all the laundry etc. Id take it all back in a heartbeat. I try to be strong and I find myself talking to God alot,,,but all it takes is seeing something that reminds me of him, or going in his room and the smell of his cologne in there and I'm a wreck!! I just miss him so much!!
Yesterday morning we met at MEPS... he was sworn in and signed on the dotted line. Then we sat, he ate lunch and they called them all in for travel briefings. There were about 10 of them... About a half hour later they came out of the room.. and out the front door. Shane hugged me tight, told me he loved me and that was it.... he was gone. Some were on one flight and then others on another... He was to arrive in San Antonio at 10:16 BUT there was a bad thunderstorm in Denver where they had to land midway and they ended up in Colorado Springs for the night. Finally this morning at 7 am I had a call from him that they were boarding the plane to Fort Worth, Texas and then on a flight to San Antonio. All finally went as planned and the last text I received from him at 1:55 my time said "I'm sooo torn up physically". That was the last text... I think stress and things really were taking their tole on the three of them. He was really worried that they were all a day behind and would get really yelled at for being late... even though it was due to weather.... So now I sit here alone tonight and just have to learn to deal with what is. I probably wont be much good to anyone for a few days... Don't worry about me I am going to be fine. Its just going to take some time to be alone and deal with it all. I am looking forward to the phone call I hear might be Sunday to tell me his address to write him at. I also know it will probably be about 38 seconds and he will be under stress to do it and get it all out correctly. I just pray things go okay for him and he stays strong.... I will be back to normal before long...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yep I'm having a pity party and having it alone!! I just gotta write before things drive me nuts.... Have you ever been asked to do something for someone, not just asked but hounded to do something over and over?? To the point you say alright already and just get it done and over with?? BUT... when someone is supposed to do something for you.... its like pulling teeth to get anything in return? You can work your butt off for someone or others and what do you get in return?? I tell ya... the last few months I have been in this position more than once. I guess you can say I start to feel taken advantage of. In my everyday life and in my business.. it truly can be heart wrenching at times. I wont elaborate but there have been a few things that have just sat in my stomach and now they have soured horribly to the breaking point. With Shane leaving tomorrow I think Ive reached a breaking point!!!
I did manage to list an angel yesterday. Other dolls still lay naked on the table. High hopes today to take my mind off of everything going on and hopefully sew, but truthfully, I'm not my chipper self... my stomach is in knots and I am depressed.. its me for now and probably for days to come. I'll be fine in a few days...but for now this pity party is mine.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another beautiful day here?? Cloudy but supposed to warm up. Yesterday was Shane's 20th birthday. Hard to believe its been 20 years!! Kids just grow up too fast! What happened to the days when I was young and Christmas and summer vacations took so long to arrive? Now I blink and they are back!! Or finding out what day bootcamp starts and we had months... now we are counting days!! Life is just moving oh too fast!!!

I have managed to finish a few dolls. Abigail and Ameritina were listed yesterday on ebay. Just plugging away here!! Many naked doll bodies and two scrub tops I need to get working on. Maybe once Shane is off to bootcamp I can focus on my sewing more to take my mind off of things. At least I can hope!

Hey Mom... No I cant take anymore cats!! Five indoors is too many!! Yours are just adorable though... Id be so loving on that little Siamese!!!I am thinking you need to get it fixed and its mom!!!
Another day... gotta get busy and work on something here!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!