Sunday, January 25, 2009

WE lost a good one...

Today was a day that I dont want to repeat anytime soon. RIP "Soly"

Soly as known by the kids was our honored National pole vault coach of Marshfield high school. Both my kids were coached by him in track and truly a wonderful man. He passed away last friday due to complications from kidney cancer at 69 years old. The track program will truly miss him. So today is one of those days thats very draining on a person. The memorial service was held in the gym and was attended by hundreds. Just very sad...

I dread wednesday!!! I have a crappy dental appointment I dont want to go to but have to... Oh how Id like to be able to skip it....but I think I chipped a molar and I had better have it looked at,, ,ugh!!! NO MORE popcorn!!! Love the stuff but it doesnt like my teeth!!

I finished another doll and listed her last night.... she is better in person than pics show but hard to get a decent picture when its raining outside and dark inside. I so wish I was more productive... but Im not. Maybe this hawaii trip will inspire me to return refreshed and full of ideas...??? LOL Well... its a good thought anyways!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wondering minds...

Here is a pic of the two biggest accomplishments in my life, my son Shane and my daughter Laresa.
A few weeks ago I had posted about my daughter Laresa that was having heart issues. She has seen a cardiologist and found that she has a hole between her two atria that is causing her to live with afib on a constant basis. He instructed her to go off her medication and use it as a pocket pill only taking when she feels an episode coming on. BUT what that does do is experience the crummy afib, high racing pulses etc and you pop a pill and it takes 20-30 minutes to help. After having a few episodes the doctor she works for said to go back on the beta blockers. She was asked if she minded if they had her case reviewed at a large conference with doctors that specialize in heart etc problems. So today was that day.... and the results are not what I wanted to hear. Since it is an electrical problem within her the only thing they can tell her is that she will need a pacemaker eventually.... maybe 30 years from now or maybe tomorrow. Now I can honestly say my heart broke to hear that news. Not sure what the future holds or what her doctor will tell her tomorrow when he returns from the conference.. until then there doesn't look to be anything they can do for her......but wait : (

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Morning..!!!

Another beautiful day in Coos Bay, sun is shining and no clouds!! Very mild temps in the 50s..PERFECT!!! Wow another week went by and not sure I can brag I did much. I've spent alot of time in the sewing room. Have 5 naked doll bodies now, one doll on ebay, one almost done and three santas in the making. YES I said santas!!! I have an order for a special one and while doing that I figured might as well sew a few more . I love making them and if I can get a good supply made I will be that much more ahead when the season starts....??? wishful thinking!!!

My daughter is moved now into another place. This time a duplex. Super cute two bedroom for a tiny bit more than she paid before. Nice carpeting and layout so she seems to be happy with it. When I get over there again I will take pics.... BAD thing is I got one of her cats back!! Of course I get the one that doesnt listen and is Male so has a mind of his own. He terrorizes one of my females something awful so just don't know if this whole mom gets a cat thing is going to work out. Love cats but I also like a peaceful house with no kitty stress!!

Yesterday Steve took Shane and a friend snowmobiling again at Diamond Lake. Last weekend Shane's sled was towed in with carburetor problems and once again after spending money to have it fixed over the week it bit the dust again. Luckily we have an extra and Steve had it on the trailer. Shane had a blast on the other one ( Bad thing its Laresa's!!) Anyways... a pic before the death of the sled. Shane loves taking jumps and being a daredevil, all in all he had a blast along with his friend. Later this week it looks like we will be doing some shopping for another snowmobile. Always something!!! I hear Steve took a nasty spill at 85 miles an hour. My sons friend watched it happen but luckily there were no injuries and he was wearing a helmet of course. HMMMM something about taking a curve, on snow and ice at 85 miles an hour sounds like STUPIDITY!!!! Yeah but to hear them talk about it...... its WOW!!! Men... do they ever cease to amaze you ???
So today I have them all home again,,,, I have to cook something for dinner.. ugh!!! I plan to sew all day and watch football... GO STEELERS!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Left Alone today...

I'm not complaining!!! Steve and the kids went snowmobiling at Diamond Lake today..... I wanted to stay home and do things I haven't had much time to do
during the last week. Finally finished the doll that laid naked on my floor. She's precious if I don't say so myself.... Now contemplating what next?? Just so hard to focus on anything these days,, guess there is just too much going on in my brain to stay focused.
Brian is home for another week ,,,, seems the first set of treatments didn't go as well as expected ( they were pretty tough on him ) but very typical of how some handle the drugs being administered. I hate to beg but I'm going to..... PLEASE take a moment and say a prayer for not just Brian but anyone you know or don't know... that those in need of GODS healing hands are blessed with healing and ease all the pain and illness that accompanies them ..... it takes but a second to just pray and truly I would be most appreciative!!!
It's a beautiful but cold day here and I should be outside washing my car since the sun is shining but I also feel like I need to be sewing or cleaning inside... ugh such a dilemma!! Yesterday I did spend a couple hours outside pulling weeds, cutting shrubs back etc... I about froze my buns off doing it!!! So its hard even though the sun is shining to get out there, so I think my thoughts of washing the car and the frozen fingers and toes that will accompany that process is leaving I think sewing may be in order instead. Crossing fingers for some progress!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hard to get back in a GROOVE.....

It's amazing to me to be so busy before the holidays, to come in my sewing room and spend hours upon hours sewing and then soon after it's over I am stumped as to what to make. I find it hard to focus on one thing, like I'm in a fog with no sight through it. I finally today finished one doll, with one more laying on the floor undressed and no clue what it will be yet, maybe an angel? This little Valentine doll made her debut on ebay today!!!! My heart is making Santas, and have thought about just continuing on with them,, maybe throwing one on ebay once in awhile. I dunno????
Regardless sitting on this computer is doing NOTHING to help my issues of not being inspired!!! So off I go, hope to show something in another day or so !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

About time!!

Happy New Year and I have to say it's about time I update!!! I had a wonderful Christmas, got so much stuff it would be very hard to list it all... I will say I was spoiled rotten!! We left for Sunriver for New Years... and what a site to see!!! Simply breathtaking!!! We spent three days snowmobiling trails. Paulina area, Mt. Bachelor and finally Diamond Lake and Crater Lake. Stayed in our timeshare over there and stayed nice and warm while snow fell at night. Pictures are worth a thousand words so this entry will be just I hope tomorrow to finally ground myself to my work room and sew. A month and I'm off for Kauai and Maui for a week!!! Enjoy!!!