Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June and so much to do!!!

First off I have had alot of questions regarding my Kegger that disappeared.... He is back!!!! Four weeks to the day and he appears. I was in Missouri visiting my son, Shane. My daughter takes care of my cats when we go out of town. She comes normaly once a day but for some reason she decided to come twice that day and once being late at night. She pulled up to the house and there he was curled up on our driveway!!! She said she was shaking she could hardly believe he was home. He ran to the back fence and she finally got him to come to her. Lets just say... he was thin!!! He ate like no other and hasn't stopped since he got back!!! I cried when she called me to tell me the news... So, so happy he is home!!! On another note... I have been plugging away at just creating dolls and jewelry.... Planning a baby shower for my daughter, which I am so excited for!!! Aren't these the cutest invitations I made?!! Tickled with the way they turned out... Going with a western/cowboy theme. I have two other friends of Laresa's helping with the planning so will make it less stressful for me I hope. Photos after the special day I promise!! Create, create in all my other spare time.... So what have I been doing??? Pictures are worth a thousand words... Busy, Busy until next time!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My crappy life...

I am simply miserable!! I know we all get a attached to things in life but this is taking over my whole being!! My cat Kegger somehow got out of the house on sunday night...He is an indoor cat never been outside. I haven't seen him since... I am just sick!! I can't eat and it has consumed all my thinking and thoughts. We have put out fliers,,, we have contacted the animal shelter, the veterinary offices, in turn they have put it out on Facebook. We have had it on the radio and I have countless times gone out and looked and called for him. To no avail anywhere. Just sick!!! I wanna have hope that he is in someone's garage safe but then there's that nagging feeling of negativity that comes into play. He is allergic to fleas and loses his hair... He has a thin coat of fur anyways and he is probably so cold... and to top it off as much as I love rain I want it to STOP!!! NOW!!! Sad... sad.... sad...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

MY FOB!!!!

Oh my it's been awhile since I have posted and this whole thing has changed to post!! Recently I participated in a FOB swap on the Prim and Rustic board....... Yeah my first thought was... What the hell is a FOB??? Never heard of one in my life but I am so happy I know now!!! Primme ( Terri ) graced me with this beautiful FOB and oh my the scissors with it... I could've came out of my chair I was so happy!!!
Not only did I get a wonderful surprise and gift in the mail but I made a new friend... and in this life those are cherished. I'd swap again anytime Terri!!! Now... what have I been doing with all my time lately??? I wish I could seriously figure it out... I have way too many projects I am working on at the same time... And way too many I wanna try just itching for me to just do!! I hate it... I need more arms and more hours in a day!! My latest necklace..
Love making them but... will anyone else ever like them as much as me?? So I keep plugging along... I may have a jewelry store here before long on my table!! The weather here in Coos Bay has finally turned absolutely gorgeous!!! The sun is shining and its 54 degrees!!! Seriously this makes me smile and I am a rain lover!! Will try to take some pictures later today of the yardwork recently finished... Loads of bark mulch and it's so pretty again!!! Until then....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures, pictures...

Little Lane Scott Sullivan .... He actually resembles a baby now!! When Laresa gave me the cd to view his pictures I couldn't wait to get to the computer and load them. I've looked over and over at the little guy... going to be blessed in August!
Seems Lane was quite happy to show off his "stuff" lol
On another note...Yesterday was a productive day for me... working on Christmas items and an order for a dear friend. Today will be much of the same... It's very very wet outside and I plan to not go anywhere!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I said I'd be back today with news and I am!!!

It's a BOY!!! No doubts this time it was right there in plain sight!! This grandma can start buying clothes!!! I need a job!!!

Ya ever have??

Ya ever have one of those days you just wish you could crawl back in your bed and just sleep through it all?? I have been having so many days like that it isn't funny!!! I can feel depression setting in since my son left. I know I have things to be happy about... going to see Shane in May, baby on the way etc but.....there are other things in life going on that seem to outweigh the good. For the life of me I can't seem to sell anything anymore. Really makes me wonder is creating even worth it? I feel I have been black balled from joining certain groups due to an ex sister in law that only spewed venom at my name.... I just feel like I'm spinning my wheels and just can't grab ahold of the surface to find my way. Sad thing is I know I am better than this!! So someone kick me and make me realize IT IS WORTH IT!!!

Speaking of baby.

Today my daughter has her big ultrasound at the hospital.... Hope that 80% chance the doctor gave turns in to 100% sure it's a boy!!! I haven't bought anything yet,,, just holding out for the word we know what it is...but boy when I know look out stores!!! Updates today!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another wintery day on the Oregon coast... RAIN!!! Oh don't get me wrong I am not complaining,,, I LOVE IT!!! It's days like this I wanna create, just wish I knew which thing I wanted to put my heart and soul into today. Seems lately I wanna do everything!! There isn't a set goal I'm kinda doing a little of this and a little of that and not getting much done. Gotta change this!!!
My passion for chunky interesting jewelry has consumed my evening while watching tv... Here are a few I have been working on...
This was made for a special person and I won't say whom cuz she may read this before her birthday!! Needless to say.... I do love this piece.

Time consuming but so enjoyable to make. The latter piece is mine. Not sure I am finished with it yet as I think it may need pearls or black glass beads.... Two old rhinestone necklaces were in my jewelry box that belonged to my ex-husbands mom before she passed away. They have been in my possession for many years and well my love for the old rhinestones and anything that sparkles and whalah!!! I have something for myself!!! Now I am on the hunt for old jewelry pieces, broken etc I will figure a way to use them!!! Gotta find them cheap though cuz this can be one expensive hobby!!! Maybe I had better make some to sell and recoup some costs!!!
So with that said... I need to get busy!!!!