Sunday, April 22, 2012

MY FOB!!!!

Oh my it's been awhile since I have posted and this whole thing has changed to post!! Recently I participated in a FOB swap on the Prim and Rustic board....... Yeah my first thought was... What the hell is a FOB??? Never heard of one in my life but I am so happy I know now!!! Primme ( Terri ) graced me with this beautiful FOB and oh my the scissors with it... I could've came out of my chair I was so happy!!!
Not only did I get a wonderful surprise and gift in the mail but I made a new friend... and in this life those are cherished. I'd swap again anytime Terri!!! Now... what have I been doing with all my time lately??? I wish I could seriously figure it out... I have way too many projects I am working on at the same time... And way too many I wanna try just itching for me to just do!! I hate it... I need more arms and more hours in a day!! My latest necklace..
Love making them but... will anyone else ever like them as much as me?? So I keep plugging along... I may have a jewelry store here before long on my table!! The weather here in Coos Bay has finally turned absolutely gorgeous!!! The sun is shining and its 54 degrees!!! Seriously this makes me smile and I am a rain lover!! Will try to take some pictures later today of the yardwork recently finished... Loads of bark mulch and it's so pretty again!!! Until then....

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