Monday, March 23, 2009

Two posts in one day!!

Wow I have things to write about!! Well now it's official Shane will be leaving on the 23rd of June for boot camp!! Yikes,,, now its really, really happening!!! He is excited and apprehensive also... alot of the unknown to expect but he looks forward to the future and a career. His job will be in security forces. So tomorrow we are off once again to Roseburg to sign on the dotted line!!! He had to have this put on his rear window of his pride and joy car... can't tell he liked it!!!??
On another note... Our 3 white pillars were removed this last week and the new ones are up!!! Now when the rain stops falling, we will primer them and paint them white. Very pleased with the finished a check goes out for $1,000.00. At least we are pleased and know as long as we are in the house we won't have to replace them again as this time they were done correctly!!! So...when weather permits again I will show them painted...and then there is that dreaded front door to conquer!!!! Dad where are you??? LOL


Yesterday we ventured up the mountain to Diamond Lake for what could be our last snowmobile trip for the year. Laresa and Shane both went along. It was gorgeous when we arrived, great day for riding!! As you can see the sun was shining and it was about 32 degrees. We rode for hours , had some mishaps... Laresa got stuck(minor and easy to pull out) The powder was amazing.. haven't seen it this thick in a long time!!Hmm... I was turning around on mine and decided to hit a parked trucks winch,,, and one other time decided the large snowbank about 8 feet tall looked inviting!! I did not hurt myself or the sled.. just dumb moves when I try to u-turn the dang thing near a standing target.. LOL. After about 4 hours we started to have problems with Shanes sled... just got it out of the shop last weekend and have put too much money into it for an older sled. So we turned it over to the mechanic and gave it to him! Yep we walked away from it and will be looking to buy another one.

For the most part a very enjoyable day...

By the time we were leaving... this is what the weather looked like!! Glad we were going as it was 23 degrees and the visibility on the trails was horrible.... All in all a nice Sunday afternoon together....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Hint of Spring...

Had to take a picture of my small rhodies that are just starting to bloom. I can't wait to have the bright colors in the yard once again!!! The last week has been so cold and wet with one or two days in between that have allowed us to mow and I started weeding. Oh how I hate that job!!! Lucky for me its all fairly easy as the soil is loose and we use bark mulch every year in the planting areas so makes that awful job of weeding much easier. But I still hate the dirty job and emptying the wheelbarrow across the street. And oh my talk about being sore the next day!!! My poor left arm was killing me!! I am just too old for this kinda work!!! LOL

As you can see I'm not the only one that's been busy ... the bumble bees are buzzing around like crazy at the first scent of nectar in the flowers.

I have totally not been productive in the dollmaking area at all!!! Still naked bodies lay on the floor in my sewing room. Ugh this is awful progress!!!! I finished one doll in the last week.. how sad is that?? She is adorable though I must admit... The Little Sailor Girl has been listed on ebay and added her in my WSOAPP shop. I hoped to be a little more productive this last week but seems I'm wishing more than I'm actually doing these days. Again thursday Shane and I are off to Roseburg to meet with his recruiter. They are meeting to talk and will be doing a community service with a local radio station filling easter bag/baskets. I think I will spend that time he is busy shopping!!! No money but I can look for FREE!!! Funny how I can shop without any problems now why can't I create that easy??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Are Back!!

Well it's official and a done deal. Shane was sworn into the Air Force yesterday morning!! I am a VERY PROUD mom!
I do believe he is making the right choice for himself and no one is talking him into something he doesn't believe in or into doing something he truly doesn't feel good about. He has chosen several jobs that I feel confident and secure to do so I as a mom am happy. Now is the waiting patiently time. He can probably expect to go to boot camp in June or July but if a job is found sooner he will be called up earlier. I'm sure when the time comes I will be sad and the day I go to Portland to see him off and his final swear in will really hit me hard. BUT I have to remember that he is almost 20 and needs his own life aside from me.
While waiting yesterday in Portland for all that to take place Steve and I had some time to waste. So we went to breakfast at Elmers. I had the side order of biscuits and gravy... OH was it ever good!!! Sometimes the gravy can taste like it came right out of a jar but this was very pleasing or I was just that hungry! Then we went shopping. Went to IKEA. Never having been in one I didn't know what to expect. And now having been in one I'm not sure I need to go back in one. Too modern for me although they have alot of furniture and accessories it just wasn't my kinda things to buy. Then we went in this other store where Steve bought me this wonderful little cabin that lights up in the back. Of course taking the picture I couldn't get it to show lit up that way but you can see its adorable. I like shopping trips like that!! It was a long two days and I'm happy to be back home now!! I need to sew but have a list of things to do before... like get on the treadmill!!! So now instead of talking about it... I'm off to my walking!!! Have a beautiful day!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I love the wool that is sold at Crowing About Primitives... and right now she has a great sale going on... HURRY LIMITED QUANTITES!!!! If you have never used her wool its a must!!! CLEAN and she is very good to ship fast!!! So drop on by and see what she still has to offer you won't be disappointed!!!


Well the newscasters all said we may see snow and to our surprise we woke up to some white dusting.... When I went to bed at 1 am it was 23 degress.. I think thats a tad bit cold for the month of March here at sea level on the coast!!! As you can see it's just a dusting but for us it's snow..LOL
I spent my weekend sewing,, and not on dolls or dresses that I intended to make....but on scrub tops for Laresa. I was only going to make the one but then started another and well that lead to another. She was pleasantly surprised. Now I have four more cuts of fabric here to make her four more but they will sit a bit I am afraid... I have got to make money!!! So today is focused on my dolls dresses. At least one needs to be completed. Tomorrow we take off for Portland and come back late wednesday, so you can see I dont get much of a week to work!
I Need to be creative and innovative.... any suggestions??? LOL.....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another day

I've been busy!!! Not sure why other than to pass the time away each day. Ebay and sales are so slow, this economy needs more than a stimulus package to get things moving in the right direction..but you truly don't want to know how I REALLY FEEL!!! Anyways..... sewing is about all I have been up to in my absent days from here. I have naked doll bodies to dress on the floor... just not sure which direction to take them all. Probably a really good time to work on santas for the fall and get a little ahead. The pictures shown are all on ebay or the WSOAPP updated today.....

Tuesday we are off to Portland for Shane to have his physical reviewed etc with the Air Force. If all goes well he will be sworn in on Wednesday. Hard to believe and yet I'm very happy and excited for him. The economy being so slow and him being almost 20 I think he is making a wise choice for his future. I can only put it all in God's hands and pray for his safety and guidance. Shane wants this more than anything right now and I think I will see my young boy turn into a young man. So as much as I may be sad when he eventually takes off for bootcamp I have to be positive right now.

On another note... Laresa is going back to college part-time !!!! She has decided medical assisting pays nothing!!! So she will be doing the night class thing working on getting her prerequisites out of the way for the nursing program. I'm proud of her and if anyone knows her she won't stop til she gets what she wants. For the meantime she will continue to work her full time job and somehow fit in her studies. Glad she's young!!!
Soon I will be showing the work being done on the front of our house... seems the white pillars are rotted off at the bottoms and need to be replaced. So we are having new ones built and moving some around while at it... they aren't centered correctly with the front door. Speaking of the front door!!! They are shot, well the finish is shot on the frontside. So after looking at doors and seeing the four digit number $$$$$ replace them.... I'm looking at having to do the work myself. UGH... now,,,, how and where do I start?? I am thinking of painting them black and having either wood panels put in the place of the ugly glass with wrought iron or having someone do some kinda of glass work in that place. Obviously I need matching hardware on the door knobs,,, even uglier now that I'm looking at the pictures!!! I dunno I have alot of thinking to do regarding these doors!! Regardless I have to wait for the weather to warm up.... they are calling for cold snowy showers here and in the valley!!! Well for now I'm going to go relax... sit back in my recliner and look at a magazine!!! Tomorrow is a new day!!!