Monday, March 23, 2009

Two posts in one day!!

Wow I have things to write about!! Well now it's official Shane will be leaving on the 23rd of June for boot camp!! Yikes,,, now its really, really happening!!! He is excited and apprehensive also... alot of the unknown to expect but he looks forward to the future and a career. His job will be in security forces. So tomorrow we are off once again to Roseburg to sign on the dotted line!!! He had to have this put on his rear window of his pride and joy car... can't tell he liked it!!!??
On another note... Our 3 white pillars were removed this last week and the new ones are up!!! Now when the rain stops falling, we will primer them and paint them white. Very pleased with the finished a check goes out for $1,000.00. At least we are pleased and know as long as we are in the house we won't have to replace them again as this time they were done correctly!!! So...when weather permits again I will show them painted...and then there is that dreaded front door to conquer!!!! Dad where are you??? LOL

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angiesraggedypatch said...

Best wishes for the Air Force!
thank him for his service from all of us!