Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday ho hum....

Wow tuesday,, hmm I didnt say that with enthusiasm... for some reason I just can't seem to get in a groove today. I woke up fine, the day started off fine but seems the day is over and I don't feel I've accomplished much of anything!!! I finally finished Pippin up for auction on ebay... whoooo hoooo!!! After much contemplation with my sister in law, Linda of Simple Tresures, I finished her... thanks for the ideas Linda.. I'm sure I drive you crazy at times!!!

So now what?? I have another pumpkin doll,, guess she will go on Poppy at the end of the week. I have a little spider guy I need to finish and well I have Christmas items laying on the floor with no clothes.. YEP NAKED SANTAS!!! Maybe they will find some clothing on them by the end of the week if they are lucky!! Other than that... thats my day.. Im ready for it to be over.. sleepy bugs are calling my eyelids!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Beautiful Day!!!

Steve and I took a drive out to the ocean today to get a bucket full of sand . It was simply a gorgeous day!!! For those of you who know the Oregon coast days like these are few and far between especially warm ones!! As you can see the fog bank hangs in the background. By the time we got back home the fog had arrived inland. Was nice while it lasted!!!

Besides the ocean today I sewed and sewed!!
Meet Veneta and Hildagarde...both are for sale
on ebay this week. Now I need to get busy on something
else... I havent a clue yet what that is but I will post when I know!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Bushel and a Peck... LOL

Don't ask me why that came to mind other than my mom used to say something about a bushel and a peck......and since I was picking blueberries today I guess it hit on a memory or something. Yes I picked blueberries today!!! First time I have ever done it...didn't even know what kinda plant they grew on. My dear friend Lynn , her daughter and I picked for a little over 3 hours. As you can see I have some freezing to do now but oh my these little guys are yummy!!!

I finally finished Gruntilda this morning and got her listed before I left to pick berries.... I love how she turned out..... her sister sits on the floor as I type this ....wondering when she will get hair and a hat.... I dunno is all I can say!!! Maybe tonight after I do everything else I should've done today and didn't!!! So on that note.... I gotta make my dreaded trip to Walmart for freezer bags so I can freeze these blueberries and then figure out what the heck to make for dinner tonight... or is this a go out night??? Until next time.. have a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day tried to sew as much as I could. UNTIL Steve came home!!! We just bought this 27 foot white trailer you see in picture one.. this is filled with 3 newer snowmobiles to add to our 4 we have. Probably weighing 4000lbs. Steve had backed it up into his spot, honked the horn for me to come out of the house and started to release the hitch on the trailer from the truck. So Laresa and I walk out the door and up the hill to look at our new purchases while Steve is busy playing with this hitch he can't get to release. Laresa and I walk around to the back and the jack releases and the trailer starts to roll towards us!!! I swear I saw my life before my eyes in a split second,,,, we run out of the way to see the trailer slowly going backwards down the hill and here is Steve at the front,, grabbing onto the jack that is still dragging on the ground,,, like SUPERMAN he thinks he can stop this object!!! OH MY GOSH the funniest thing I ever did see and he is just yelling OH SHIT!!!! In the meantime Im thinking you idiot and hoping this trailer is going to stop moving as I hadnt even looked inside to see the purchases!! Luckily behind the trailer on the hill are blackberry bushes and pine trees ( the second picture shows how thick they are..) and it happens the blackberry bushes are thick and they stopped this trailer as otherwise it was all downhill hit and miss pines trees with a creek at the bottom.... It truly couldve been a very, very bad ending to our new purchase! So that was our excitement last night... I laughed so hard ,,, good times since nothing got hurt!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keeping the Faith......

As I start today and I look back at the week my newest auction couldnt be named anything different than Faith. I worried all week about Shane leaving for bootcamp and something just kept bugging me about it, I couldnt eat, just felt sick about it all. See he had planned to go in the reserves until he found out it would be at least four to six years before he could go active duty and even at that it would be hard to do. My son wants this as a career not just a weekend a month adventure. So having said that... I prayed, and prayed knowing my faith would get me through this trying time. Well yesterday he called his recruiter with little time to spare and was able to change to active duty. So although I know he still will go through bootcamp it won't be for a few more months or longer and when he does go it will be what he truly wants to do. So FAITH was named.

Now I need to get busy with other items.... I'm feeling better now as life seems to get back to some normalcy. Until tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My wonderful award!!!

I've been honored with a wonderful surprising award!!!
Thanks so much to Cathy at Primitive Peddlers!!

Good News!!!

Doing the happy dance!!! My wool arrived and my dolls have hair!!! So happy they are and life is getting better!!! I've been a bit out of sorts here with my son leaving for bootcamp. BUT..... now he will be going active duty in January!!! I know that still means bootcamp and leaving home for somewhere...but it also means he starts his future doing what he wants to do. I think more time will be good for me. So Im happy today so far!!! Now off to sew dolls here... four naked bodies on the floor are screaming indecent exposure!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well Im back from Washington, NO WOOL has arrived at my doorstep. My dolls still are bald.....Does anyone buy bald dolls? Im so tired of waiting.....
On another note, papers are signed now and on the 27th Shane goes off to bootcamp for 8 weeks. I will be honest in saying my heart is worn on my shoulder right now. I need a pick me up..... that wool better get here!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Did you hear me??

OH MY IM TICKED!!! Did you hear me scream that?? That cute little mailman didnt bring me a thing today!!! Junk mail !!! I am so ticked.. and my dolls well they are beside themselves as I sit here trying to make them understand why they are so bald still. Im off to Vancouver, WA for an overnight stay.....will close the doors in the sewing room and hope tomorrow I get that sought after package!!!

What's wrong with this picture?????

Let's just say Im not a happy camper. These poor dolls have been waiting patiently for some golden locks of hair and IM TIRED OF WAITING!!! You find a good source for wool and yep.. its out of the country... which means waiting time through that dreaded thing called customs! Im beyond not happy,, and these girls are so dang sad it isnt funny... so tired of them looking at me with that look of disgust while all these other dolls are getting hair. HMMM is that called doll abuse???

So once again today.. I will wait for my ever returning mailman with peering eyes out the window and hopefully there will be a package today!!! OH please, OH please!!! On another note... Im tired of waiting and ordered wool from another source last night... so once again... WAITING!!! For anyone that knows me... IM A NOW CHILD.... If I want something I want to have it now... I dont want to wait and think about it.

Lets just hope I have good news with my mail today... have you ever seen the movie CHUCKY?? These dollies may take revenge on me!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

What a Weekend we had

Wow what a weekend we had... alot of hard work put in the yard. Before and after pics and still have things to do!! Have you ever felt you start something and just when you feel you are completing it you find out you need to do more elsewhere?? Always something here to do...
Well the yard is where we spent two days of our holiday,,,, didn't sew on anything here and Im feeling really crappy about it. I gotta stay out of the yard and make some money!! On the other hand we are getting lots of compliments on our yard... so the work is not going without notice.
Yesterday we left for Eugene and the Olympic track and field trials. OH MY so worth going to!!! Pictures were taken when we arrived, by the time we left it was packed with over 21,000 people...Just the thought that these are the athletes that are off to Beijing to compete is very moving. Very normal people and very patriotic. Perfect weekend to have the meet as we celebrated our birthday. Records were broken and hearts were in the same breath. Individuals crossed the finish line with arms in the air and others fell at the line. It was very moving to watch and one I won't soon forget.

Now that Ive played in the yard and at a track meet I am going back to my sewing.... I listed Miranda the witch today!!! Wow she has been in the making for a few weeks now and I just got her done... how sad is that??? And as I sit here and write I have naked bodies in a pile, no clothes made... what am I waiting for?? The clothes fairy to miraculously come in when the door is shut and create them for me? Oh if it were only so easy!! So having said all that... Im off for now!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My babies....

Besides my yard and my sewing what brings me alot of joy is my dear babies... Yep thats 5 cats...all indoor spoiled!!! See if you can figure out a pattern here..... My first cat is named Mai Tai, the second Daquiri, the third Bacardi , the fourth Brandy and my daughters the fifth Kegger.... I love them all and they all have their own personalities to deal with but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Yes.. I am a cat lover and it breaks my heart to see those that are abused or injured... can't even watch ANIMAL COPS!!! Im the lady that stops to see a animal in the middle of the mall when they are adopting them out... the big puppy dog eyes I give my husband that says I want it!!!
On another note... I'm creating again today. Yesterday was spent working in the yard and I think the majority of this weekend will be doing that so best get as much as I can out of today.
Back Porch Pickins is having a blog giveaway... all you have to do is post on her blog!!! If you get a chance take a peek and post... her blog is worth viewing!!! http://backporchpickins.blogspot.com/2008/06/blog-give-way.html... Until the next time I post.... Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Little Change today...

Well a new look on my blogspot!!! Thanks to my dear sis in law... Not sure its beautiful like some I see but this is the best I can do!!! I am so slow when it comes to learning all there is to learn out there on these sites.!!! So bear with me... eventually I will catch onto it all.... maybe? I have added pictures today finally figuring out what was plaguing me yesterday. I swear sometimes everything goes wrong I try to do!!!
Wow.... Can you believe its July 1ST!!!! Half the year over and what have I done?? I haven't stock piled or made alot to have ready for the fall rush.. you know the promise I make to myself every year. Oh how easy it would make my life if I could only follow through with it.