Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What else??

OH my should I even ask that question these days?? What does a box cutter blade and a tire marked with a white x mean?? Let's just say $1026.00!!!! Yep there went some hard earned dollars today. I'm not going to post on here what I think happened but I have a pretty clear idea and it came from driving out of my garage. Enough said. I left , went to Walmart. Went in and when I put my car in drive( didnt move the vehicle) my warning light came on that rear tire pressure was low in the right rear. Fancy little thing there, tells ya all the information BUT I didn't want to see it on!!! I drove right to Les Schwab tires and they proceed to show me the blade and the news. Due to this being a odd size tire, and of course a Michelin and not what they sale and an ALL Wheel Drive vehicle I need to have all the same tire tread running on all four tires... or it can mess my whole system on my new car. Not even 5,000 miles on the car and Im replacing all four dang tires!!! Peeved... well thats an understatement... theory.... What comes around goes around !!!

I'm tired of bad news...need some good karma coming my way , so crossing fingers the sales keep coming on ebay, and with new items being listed in the shoppes things pick up. Life just seems to throw stones on some days and I'm a bit bruised and battered here!!! Not to mention I think Im getting sick... that just bums me out!!!

I did just list a new santa... So many other things here not finished so need to get busy tonight. Hubby is away and its time to pull a longer shift in the sewing room!!! No rest for the weary!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucky to be alive....

Two posts in one day,,,has to be a reason. What I learned tonight I had to post about. My son asked to stay the night at a friends house last night after the movies. They came by the house, got clothes, visited with me and left. So as any parent would.... I go to sleep and all is well... WELL was it?? I never got a phone call in the middle of the night nor in the morning. Seems no one felt I needed to know....???? See after they left our house they went up to Burger King and sat talking to friends, and then two girls showed up ,, they all decided to go to the ocean. Well they take the long way, the curvy way, the so called short cut. Luckily my son decided to get in the back of the Jeep with his two buddies. MIND YOU THEY DIDNT WEAR THEIR SEATBELTS!!!! The two girls were in the front. Seems the girl driving is either a horrible driver or she was showing off driving fast and reckless. NO alcohol was involved this was simple fun joy ride that took a turn for the worst, but couldve been deadly.. So by the photos you can see they are all lucky to be alive. The door opened is the door my son opened to get out.... Luckily no one was killed, but there are some minor injuries. The girl in the passenger front seat messed up her neck, shoulder and hand. My son has marks on his shoulder and is quite sore today. Needless to say,,,,, I am glad they are all okay,,, floored I wasnt notified til my son told me about it this evening when he got home. I think angels were watching over them last night.....This mom job is hard!!!

Well today has been a good productive day.... I listed my large angel and a small santa. Now will they be successful and sell on ebay??? Oh one never knows this year. With this election looming and the doom and gloom of our economy and the media I think making it seem even worse ...its going to be a thin Christmas this year!!! But I keep plugging away doing what I love to do. I have a million things I want to do and seem to not getting much completed. Alot being made and not completed these days!! So I plan to finish items tomorrow... prepare for the updates on Poppy and WSOAPP.
Things seem to be getting better in the household... taking deep breaths where the kids are concerned and trying my hardest to get Shane studying for the Coast Guard. I think the Marines is still in the back of his head as his easy way in..and his stupid thinking that it would be fun. OH my!! The last thing in this wonderful world that can be considered fun!!! So I keep pressing forward with my talks of this messed up world and the uncertainty of our military and all they have to go through and see. I know others are fighting for our country and I am proud of them....Im just not ready to have my son fighting in another country. Well enough said... slowly I think my words are sinking in....time will tell!!!
Onward to the sewing room once again!!! So much to do so little time!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I think I'm tired........

Wow what a day it has been... I am so tired of boyfriend/girlfriend problems!!! This takes so much out of me.....Top it off with housework that is never complete and trying to get my son to study for asvab tests is enough!!! I need a break!!! I did manage to finish this wonderful Santa,, oh how I love this guy as the picture just doesn't do him justice. Using an old baby coat I have had here it worked out perfectly for him to wear... he is very regal sitting there. I also finished another santa holding a stocking... Another one of my larger santas which I will probably not make alot more of. With postage and the time making him I will probably concentrate on more of the smaller varieties. I have three more dolls laying naked on the floor here in hopes of getting dressed in the next day or so. One to be another angel in a long baby gown, I am excited to get her finished.
Another week and Lemon Poppy Seeds will be updated with ornaments and hopefully a couple dolls and on the 7th WSOAPP will be updated with ornies and dolls and for the first time for me... We will be having a Open House giveaway to anyone that enters.... If you choose to enter my personal giveaway all one has to do is go to my blog on the Whispered Sisters of a Primitive Past and enter in my add to mailing list. I will draw a winner and you will be notified in the month!!! I will be posting a picture here and also on my shoppe on the 7th. So ... although I've been kinda busy with all the problems in life I seem to get some of my sewing done,,, oh well if the laundry sits on the couch folder or not folded, or a bed isn't made, or the bathroom needs to be cleaned.... My house is lived in and primitive!!! Just no surprise visits from anyone!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


The day started out wonderful, I woke up to rain!! I love rain, I love staying indoors and working when it rains. BUT it stopped, sad to say and that dang sun came out ! OH I cant wait for winter to come, its my favorite time of year!!

On another note... I did get two dolls listed on ebay, one is Faith my angel and another is my woodsman santa. Pleased with the finished products other than it looks to me I need to fix Faiths wing,,, I think she has a lopsided look here!!! LOL. She is already listed on ebay but she will be fixed before it ends!
Alot is going on in my life right now and its amazing I can stop to sit and sew at all.... I keep plugging away in hopes it can take my mind off the insanity that looms over me. I sat down this afternoon and have about a dozen dolls in the making... PROGRESS??? Time will tell and I will be back to show the end product!!! Enjoy the rest of the day!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'M BACK and getting busy!!!

OH so happy to be home and get back to sewing and updating!!! I spent a week in Indiana, beautiful weather and warm temperatures so different from home. This is a picture of the backside of my sisters log home. OH what I would do for that house!!! It is my dream home!! And the yard they have... well lets just say acres with woods surrounding them... just wonderful.
We played cornhole, and many games of Aggravation and that is exactly what it caused me. My mom and sis weren't so nice to me!!!

Blessings were seeing my brother and his family which I hadn't seen in years. It truly meant alot to me. He has two daughters that are just adorable!! If you follow SimpleTresures you will see how photogenic they are!!! Love those two girls!!!

I think everyday we did something, did alot of shopping!!! I bought things I cant find here on the west coast so was in heaven!!! I spent alot of money and even worse when I tried to get home overweight in my luggage! One of my favorite days was a little outing with Pam, Linda, my mom and I in the rural area of Indiana...driving on these narrow farm roads with a business out in the middle of nowhere. A Amish home where we went shopping in the little basement, no electricity and no working cash register. Everything done on ledgers and arithmetic done the old fashioned way. Very interesting way of life. Going down that road we passed Amish children at play during their school day, all various sizes in their dresses and boys attire... they all waved as we drove by. ADORABLE!!! An outhouse next to the small school, I just cant imagine living life like that in these times. Reminded me of Little House on the Prairie,,,, a hard life , but a simple life, so different from our hustled life and credit crunches. On that same outing I picked out my wool for santa beards, learned to needle felt with a cookie cutter base, and shopped!!! Some of the cutest stores in towns back there!
AS much as I loved my little vacation its now time for a reality check. Crunch time to get busy and sew and update my shoppes and ebay!!! Hopefully in the next day or so I have something to show in progress!!! Until then.... Have a beautiful day!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few new items

I finished my poppy items late last night and updated. I am pleased at the little santa finished. Sometimes I envision something that looks nothing like I wanted it to and I hate it.. this one I was pleased with. Also added some mitten snowmen ornaments. With leaving in a couple days I feel I am limited to doing much of anything... so much to do and Im not doing any of it!!! Yes you guessed it... still no packing done, havent even got the suitcase out yet!!! Maybe sometime today I will at least get that done. I hope to update my WSOAPP tomorrow for the 7th as I will be gone when new items are to release. Just hope to have something to put in it!!! So better get busy here and do something productive!!!