Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'M BACK and getting busy!!!

OH so happy to be home and get back to sewing and updating!!! I spent a week in Indiana, beautiful weather and warm temperatures so different from home. This is a picture of the backside of my sisters log home. OH what I would do for that house!!! It is my dream home!! And the yard they have... well lets just say acres with woods surrounding them... just wonderful.
We played cornhole, and many games of Aggravation and that is exactly what it caused me. My mom and sis weren't so nice to me!!!

Blessings were seeing my brother and his family which I hadn't seen in years. It truly meant alot to me. He has two daughters that are just adorable!! If you follow SimpleTresures you will see how photogenic they are!!! Love those two girls!!!

I think everyday we did something, did alot of shopping!!! I bought things I cant find here on the west coast so was in heaven!!! I spent alot of money and even worse when I tried to get home overweight in my luggage! One of my favorite days was a little outing with Pam, Linda, my mom and I in the rural area of Indiana...driving on these narrow farm roads with a business out in the middle of nowhere. A Amish home where we went shopping in the little basement, no electricity and no working cash register. Everything done on ledgers and arithmetic done the old fashioned way. Very interesting way of life. Going down that road we passed Amish children at play during their school day, all various sizes in their dresses and boys attire... they all waved as we drove by. ADORABLE!!! An outhouse next to the small school, I just cant imagine living life like that in these times. Reminded me of Little House on the Prairie,,,, a hard life , but a simple life, so different from our hustled life and credit crunches. On that same outing I picked out my wool for santa beards, learned to needle felt with a cookie cutter base, and shopped!!! Some of the cutest stores in towns back there!
AS much as I loved my little vacation its now time for a reality check. Crunch time to get busy and sew and update my shoppes and ebay!!! Hopefully in the next day or so I have something to show in progress!!! Until then.... Have a beautiful day!!!

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