Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two things in life....

Lets just say... first off Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... and I AM SO DAMN GLAD ITS OVER!!! I have to start by thinking... hmm great idea.. Steves parents over for dinner, kids at home, my house is decorated just the way I like it... CHRISTMASY!!! Dinner gets done without and glitches,, food is great. BUT the after conversation was enough to make me drink another bottle of wine ALONE!!! Yep the subject that you dont speak about in this house... well two for that matter..... The wonderful subject of how wonderful this world is now that Obama is president elect ( CHOKE COUGH ) lets just say I have had my ass bitten, chewed and chunks are still laying in my dining room. I didnt have a prayer and YES I am republican and PROUD to be one!!! This truly turned out to be a shitty conversation, one that had my husband at the top of his nice voice asking that his parents quit talking!!! And if you know my husband.. thats not a nice voice. Then we get to hear how bad BUSH has been... etc etc. My sons tattoo gets noticed on his arm... In one direction it says JESUS and you turn your arm it says SAVES.... I love it... they didnt. And of course had to make a comment about the name... calling it HEY ZOOS almost mocking the name . I have been raked over the coals tonight my religious beliefs and my political... I cant take it anymore!!! OKay... second thing you dont talk to me about it religion!!! I am a Christian and proud also to say I am one, so are my children. My husband is Jewish and well lets just say they know everything and Im wrong. Wow not sure I can take Hanukkah this year!!! PRAY for me please???? Im drinking before I ever go to dinner!!!! No pics today... Im TOO upset!!!! Now I need to calm down and sew... hell not even going to sleep tonight cuz I have to be at wally world at 4:30am.... I am so sad!!!! Hope everyone else had a relaxing holiday... I had one I dont want to repeat EVER!!! I miss my mom!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OH my tomorrow is Thankgiving!!!

Oh my gosh what the heck!! How did this happen so fast?? I am so not ready for company to be here. My poor house!!! The roll away bed still is parked in the hallway from when mom left on Saturday, I need to vaccum, clean the kitchen floor, bathrooms, fold clothes, oh my and cook. I hate cooking!!! I would much rather be in my sewing room tomorrow working on the 11 projects I have sitting on this floor here! Where has the time gone? Oh and on top of it... shopping!!! The sales after Thanksgiving!!! Yep me and the hubby are planning to be up at 5 am and hitting a few deals out there, and at midnight tonight I'm going to be online and taking advantage of the online sales with free shipping and discounts as that clock ticks over to Thanksgiving! Save a dollar anywhere I can.....
I did manage to list another Santa yesterday.... LOVE HIM!!! I love when you envision something and it actually turns out better than you thought, or when things just come together without fussing over it to the point of not finishing it. Ive had some great luck in the last week,,, maybe it's trying to do things differently with the eyes and finding a body that isn't so large,,, I dunno but I'm pleasantly pleased right now.
I suppose I will write more as I get things done here.... hope that I don't have any disasters tomorrow in the kitchen!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Im getting there slowly!!!

Well I have been here 6 Christmas's and finally this year took all the fire stuff down and added a garland... what a change that makes!! While mom was here she mentioned me making the curtain that goes over the front door and adding pipberries and a candle light or two. So today I got on the high ladder,, whhhoooo that was fun NOT!!! Anyways... its done and I LOVE IT!!! Why didnt I do that years ago???

Simple yet adds so much to the front foyer. I opted for one light in the window as the window to the left has two and I leave them on all the time. This will stay after the holidays as it was approved by my husband when he came home for lunch!!! Even if it hadnt been approved it would stay but always nice to have someone say they like something you do. So today I have spent the majority of it decorating,,, not cleaning or sewing much. I sit here now thinking of putting the finishing touches on a Santa and listing him and an angel,,,, just need to get away from the computer!!

I just have to share before I get off of here my little baby... her name is Brandy. While mom was here she moved the cat couch in my sewing room and seems that is all it took for Brandy to decide she really likes it and spends her days moving back and forth from the couch to my shoulders. Isn't she precious??? love love love her!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well the day started out an a very early time getting mom to the airport... to find that it was too dang foggy to land in North Bend so they diverted the flight to Medford... OH POOR mom...she got up so early, no breakfast and spent the whole day on airplanes or sitting in airports..!!! Im sure she will spend time bloggin on her day but now onto the rest of mine!! My daughter called me and asked if I wouldnt mind going to the pet store with her to buy double stick tape for around the Christmas tree and deterrent spray to spray on her tree to keep her cat away. So we go,,,, we buy the goodies at the pet store... then onto the mall!!! I did what I had to do and then we had to stop by the little place in the mall that takes in kitties and other animals for adoption and sells them. OH HELL.. there went my day!! Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE cats and kittens. I feel such pain for animals and have a hard time dealing with any that hurt or are mistreated. Well.... I of course had to hold a kitten,,,, then Laresa had to hold a kitten and she just fell in love with this beauty!!! OH my she slept right in her hands,,,, she took the one I was holding and she just curled right up and went to sleep,,,purring and not a peep of crying. She was hooked!!! SHE BOUGHT HER!!! So we take her home to meet her new brother... the devil Kegger.... not sure how they are going to get along at first but this little princess just seems to act like its her house and he better just tow the line or she will put him in his place..LOL I love her!!!

Speaking of the DEVIL kitty Kegger.... This week while mom was here visiting I bought a really cute bear with wood pads on the feet and on the nose... just adorable.... I gave it to Laresa since she collects bears and thought it would be cute in her apartment. So I give it to her yesterday,,,, Kegger took a liking to him right away... smelling, licking it. I told Laresa I thought she had better put him up away from Keg but nope she didnt.... Well you can probably guess what happened.... Laresa woke up this morning to a headless bear!!! Yep took that head right off!! Now I gotta figure out how the heck other than stitching it back on to reattach his poor head to his body. Theres a nut and bolt that attached it originally.... arrggghhhh!!! Suggestions are welcome.. LOL
So now I have wasted my whole day, its 5pm and I need to start doing something productive!!! Wish me luck!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another one !!!

Guess Im on a roll, two posts in one day!!! LOL. Just sharing my new santa... love this guy!!! It has helped having my mom here to draw ideas with though,,,, I will miss that when she leaves. Always nice to have someone give tidbit ideas as you are trying to create something. Anyways.... now onto getting moms blog started!!!

Where did I go???

Oh I have been busy!!! I wish I could say it was just sewing but it hasn't been....although I did manage to get this guy done and listed on ebay. My mom came up to visit last week and for the most part we have been non-stop on the go. We have shopped and shopped, took a day to wrap presents and yesterday spent the morning decorating my tree!!! I think this is the earliest I have ever put a tree up but wanted to do it while my mom was here. It's a fake one so no worries with it drying up or watering it... my kinda tree these days!! I will take more pics when the dang sun isn't shining through the windows sometime,,,, it is much prettier in I bought a Bethany Lowe angel this year and am thrilled with her!!
We have had some interesting things happen this week. Medical issues with my daughter, my sister and my brother in law none of which makes any of us rest easy. Prayers are needed this holiday season and truly we will be thankful this year as we celebrate our Thanksgiving. Speaking of dinners... ugh I gotta cook!!! Oh dread cooking, clean up and a day of no sewing. Not to mention eating the dang stuff that tastes so dang good but packs on 10 more pounds to the old rump!! I still have to stress about dessert to make... I hate pumpkin pie and a few others don't care much for it either..... so gotta find a recipe that will work for those here..... so much to do and I just wanna sew!!! Yep Im stressing here!!! And we wont even start about what a mess my house is!!! So what am I doing??? Im sitting here on this computer doing NOTHING!!! lol :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy , Busy!!!

New santas listed today!!! Progress on the horizon here!!! Still have 5 naked doll bodies on the floor but with much hopes of getting them dressed very soon!!! ONWARD!!!

Register to Win!!!

Before I forget.... Enter my giveaway and you can win this wonderful angel!!! On December 10th I will hold my drawing and announce the lucky winnner. It's FREE, no shipping!!! Approx. 18 inches long and in a vintage baby doll dress... precious and free!!! So if you get a moment click here and register to win and enter, takes a moment of your time and who doesn't love something FREE??!!! Good Luck!!!

Wet Friday..

Another week has gone by... can you feel fall in the air?? We have had rain all week here and see nothing but rain in the next week. Oh don't get me wrong, I love this time of year and I love even more that snow is falling in the mountains and I have a new snowmobile sitting in the trailer waiting for me to ride!!! I cant wait to take a day and relax on my sled!!! But in the meantime I sit inside this sewing room, sewing, sewing and more sewing. Yesterday I updated WSOAPP and sold things instantly. Wow is all I can say!!! Thanks to everyone!! Listed on ebay yesterday I was able to add a couple new santas and some ornaments. This little guy is one of my favorites I listed.... I tried something new for me with the eyes using the watercolor pencils and I really liked the end result. So what am I doing now?? I have one santa that will be listed this morning on ebay, and I have one in progress... and four naked bodies laying on a box, three snowman and an angel naked thats a special order. I have got to be busy today without fail!!! No trips to Wallyworld, or JoAnns fabrics. I think I will save those trips for next week. My mom is coming up to stay for a week!!! I am so excited to see her although somewhere in between the shopping I will need to be sewing. Maybe I wont sleep?? lol I think my Christmas tree will make an early debut this year with mom here. Great way to get in the holiday spirit and heck someone to help me decorate!!! So with so much going I really need to get off this computer and get busy sewing!!! Hope to have progress to report tomorrow!!!! Enjoy the day!!!