Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to the land of the living or existing!! I have had the worst headache the last three days... not my normal headache this one knocked me on my butt!!! I haven't had much luck in doing much of anything productive at all,, kinda in a drugged fog. Finally last night I took a muscle relaxer and well today you can imagine I have been pretty much out of it. Just tired beyond normal. So as the day has worn on I seem to be feeling like my old self again and went outside. Headache is still there but manageable at the moment. Took some photos of the spring flowers. The Rhododendrons are just starting to open so this weekend I should have some beautiful flower pics. But for now the azaleas are opening really nice and my Clematis is really getting some showy flowers. Other than that I don't have much to share... I have 9 doll bodies that are being sewn together today,,, seems they all cry for legs, arms and heads!!! Maybe I will sew again tomorrow at least that's my hopes.
Of course I'm sure that when Steve gets home tonight we will be working on the pond out front. It is all torn apart and ugly now!! Depressing and hope that before long I will have it finished and looking pretty again. This time done correctly!!! I wont be showing pics just yet!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another doll done!!! Meet Hannah!! I listed her on ebay today and have a couple bids. Very pleased!! My dear friend and loyal customer gave me the idea for her and I have to say I'm glad she did. I probably wouldn't have been so bold to put the beautiful teal ribbon on her but I am glad I did. I ordered this wonderful seam tape from Glitter Your World and I just love it!! I placed another order yesterday for more goodies she has updated on her website. I tell ya... I needed this outlet online badly as I have no places to buy the things she has!!! LOVE IT!!
I didn't sew though today!! Another beautiful day on the Oregon coast and my yard called my name!!

Well... First Fred Meyer and Walmart called my pocketbook!! I spent way too much but got some wonderful plants today. I got home around 12pm and didn't go back in the house til 4pm. Shane helped me in the yard and we accomplished alot together. He mowed once again.. what a good son.. LOL. I am going to miss the help when he leaves!!!

As you can see by the pic.... the upper wall is completed. Now to fill with dirt, and then bark. Then plant!!! I have plans to plant the blue Lithodora like you see in the first planter closer and have it creep over the wall. Back around the corner will be plants of larger sizes. Our bunny hutch is back there so will make it a bit cuter than it has been the last year. Alot of work to do yet!! Our hillbilly neighbors behind us are driving us mad!! They have a wood pile in their back yard and the weeds/grass must be as high as the pile of wood. They have I don't know how many children living with them that do absolutely NOTHING! Today one of them decided to drive their bike right up the grass you see there and into their backyard. We have got to buy one more fence panel or plant bushes with thorns on them!! Not sure they have been taught manners at all!!
The azalea hedge is just starting to bloom up the front walkway. Next week it should be in full bloom. I also noticed one of my rhodies opening... I love this time of year!!! Now tomorrow I will be off to Eugene to get my car serviced. FINALLY!!! We will do the Costco run, Home Depot and maybe a few other things I would like to do... I HOPE!!! Until the next time.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well I had the best intentions this morning to get up and sew on a doll I need to get done. LOL I took one look outside and knew that was not going to happen!! The sun was shining and we had beautiful blue sky!!! Steve and I took a drive to the ocean,, wasn't quite as pretty as the fog bank was still visible at that hour but calming none the less. We did our weekend shopping and headed home. Since it was so nice out I asked Laresa to come over and help me cut Dots nails. So we did that with ease and then he finally got out on his leash!!! He loved it!!! Its been a long time since the sun has shined .

I also spent time in the backyard. Finally pulled the weeds in the backyard, planted flowers in the hanging baskets and got my fountain running after the winter crud settled in it. So many things I need to get done outside and flowers to buy and plant!!! We still are working on the side yard wall and hope in another week or so to show pics of things planted in that area.... who knows though rain is to be back by Wednesday!!

I managed to snap a couple photos of the kids today... Soon Shane won't be here so every photo I can get I'm taking an opportunity to grab. I plan to have my digital photo frame loaded and running all the time when he leaves!!! Laresa wouldn't smile for me, she says she hates pictures but I know she really likes them taken!!! Well there is a couple hours left here before the sun goes down. I think I can clean my sewing room and maybe think about sewing??

Speaking of sewing!! I'm so upset!! I took my wonderful Pfaff sewing machine in to be cleaned and adjusted. For a short time it has been doing something crazy to the bottom stitches so I am thinking it must be the tension. Instead of me playing with it I took it into a guy that JoAnns fabrics told me is really good. So I take it in on Monday... and he tells me it will be a week or so before he can get to it. Friday I got the phone call I didn't want to hear... Sorry I cant seem to fix it. I have tried everything but to no avail!! No charge. Okay ... I go pick it up and I'm so unhappy. I loved this machine!!! There is no Pfaff dealer where I live so not sure what I am going to do. I did order a new bobbin case in hopes that maybe a new one might make a difference. I don't know but it cant hurt!! While sitting here this evening I got the machine out and figured what the heck,, tighten the tension on the top and see if I cant get the stitches to work right. Well I finally achieved some normal stitches on osnaburg... will it work on other cotton fabrics?? I don't know yet!!! I'm sure the saga of my sewing machine is not over sad to say!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today turned out to be a beautiful day here on the Oregon coast, cool in the 50s but the sun came out! I finally finished one more doll and listed her on ebay. I had fun making this one. Maybe it's the fact I paid off my bills and now my dollmaking doesn't have to go towards my debt. Whew... that feels good!! Now onto another doll,,, I bought a beautiful cream baby dress in an antique store yesterday so hopefully if all goes well I will have another doll completed in the next day or so.
If the sun is out again tomorrow I may have to work in the yard a little.. Im dying to get back outside!! I think tonight I'm going to sit down and open the chest with photos I've been storing photos in. With Shane leaving soon I have this project envisoned to get started and done by the time he returns from tech school. Will I start and finish it?? Who knows,, I have grand ideas in my head and find little time to complete or even start most of them.
Then I have the dreaded Cancun trip coming. Whoo hoo!!! NOT. I know traveling sounds like fun to most. Beaches and sun, drinks, shopping etc. Well first off we are going to Cancun AGAIN. The last time I was there was before the week the last big hurricane hit. It was hot as hell and the humidity was horrible. Steve and I took the kids, all inclusive trip, flew first class etc. It was not a great time shared by all. Loved having my kids there but it was just too hot for us cool weathered westerners. I will give Cancun kudos for their beautiful water and white sugary sand beaches.. beautiful!!! So why am I going back if it isn't where I want to go??? Well..... my husband loves to travel. I think if he could travel 365 days out of the year he would. He knows I hate Mexico ( don't bother asking me why, My family knows exactly why!!) But he asked me to go again,, I am giving it one more chance as this time we will be a little further south in a new condo area. So wish me luck in a couple weeks that I have a good time!!! I plan to sit by the pool or on the beach, drinks in hand and do nothing!!! I should quit thinking about it's depressing me!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well I finally finished a doll!!! Nelly has made her debut on my ebay. I tell ya I am just slow these days!! I should've had another one dressed but things pulled me away everytime I sat down to work. Then as I am relaxing and sewing at the end of the day Laresa calls me and asks me to walk. So I drive to her house and we go walking. This isn't flat ground here and I'm talking roads that go UP and DOWN. I felt the burn in the shins!! Now if we can do that everyday a workout of 45 minutes was a breeze!! If I'm on my treadmill for that long its awfully boring but being outdoors was great. So cross fingers tomorrow the weather holds out for us.

I wanted to tell everyone about some yummy scents of wax tarts!!! I had posted on the prim and rustic bb asking about melting tarts and was directed to Barncat Mercantile. I ordered Oatmeal cookie and The Keeping room.... OH MY GOSH!!! So yummy smelling I could eat them!!! I have never had a tart smell so good.... I put it in the tart warmer and the whole room smells just heavenly.... I cant believe it!!!! Extremely fast to ship and packaged very well.... Just very, very pleased!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wool Sale Wool Sale!!!

Well I'm not selling any but if you go to Crowing About Primitives you can view all her wonderful wool fibers that are on sale til the 15th!!! If you post on your blog she will offer free shipping... Now how can you beat that these days??? If you have never used her wool you are missing very clean and wonderful wool to work with. I totally LOVE her wool!!! So sit back take a peek at her website!!

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!! Fitting I should finally show a picture of our Rex rabbit "DOTS" We have had him for years... he is so soft you wouldn't believe!!! Well it's another wet day here in Coos Bay, OR. Weather forecast was for a beautiful weekend with sunshine and nice temps.. LIE,LIE,LIE!!! I have no idea when we will have our spring here!! Having said that... here is a project my husband and I started in our yard. This one area off the east side of the house was the hardest to mow as it was uphill and at an angle, mossy and usually kinda wet or damp since the sun doesn't tend to shine on that area. It is in the planning stages as of yet and hopefully soon we will have two tiers of concrete walls.... IF the plan goes as seen in our heads!!!

I received my goodies I ordered from Glitter Your World.... I am so pleased with it all!!! If anyone needs really nice old fashioned seam binding this is truly the place to order from!!! Her colors are beautiful and shipping was extremely fast!! I loved what I bought and will definitely buy more. She has plenty of other items for sale on her site also so sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking a peek will be worth your while.
I really don't have too much planned for today,,,, baking a turkey and a spiral ham, will make the hash brown potatoes, veggie and rolls. "Simple" is my motto!!! I've made a chocolate mint torte or more what I call an ice cream cake... lol for dessert. We will see how this turns out??!! We will have a full table, Steve and I, Jordan and her boyfriend, Branden, Laresa and Shane. After last thanksgiving I cant take another political confrontation at the dinner table so didn't even bother with other invites.
I've been busy sewing once again. I have four doll bodies here with eyes... no lips no clothes. I hope to have them listed sometime this week if everyone leaves me alone in the process... lol. Two more santa bodies are naked and need to have winter clothes added. I think if I can make one or two here and there I will have a small amount ready when the season arrives. I have always envisioned being ahead of the game but have never actually done anything about it, and although this is a small amount its a start!!
Well dinner won't get done unless I remove myself from this computer... Have a Blessed Day....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm so out of shape!!

A peek at my side yard.... I worked from 10 am til 2:30 this afternoon.. pulling weeds , cutting back dried dead stuff and I tell ya.... by the time I came inside the house I'd swear I'm OLD and OUT OF SHAPE!!! Everything hurts!!! Sad part is the yard is no where near done,,, still have the back and need to plant flowers in the worst way. And looking at this pic I need to cut some grass away and straighten that line out... looks like I've been sipping the bottle while working... tee-hee....Obviously on another day, cuz my fingertips are so sore. My sister bought me a pair of really nice gardening gloves for my birthday and I went right through the fingertips today... I mean I worked hard!!! LOL. Every year we put down a layer of bark mulch so the soil is really loose and easy to pull the weeds,,,its just alot of the weeds seem to grow where I don't want them too!! Soon I will have more to show but for now this is the peek I'm giving you today. Now this is upsetting.... I was so excited for the news that Clint Black was going to be at the Mill Casino here in town... I called Steve and said I had to have tickets etc. as soon as they went on sale, he assured me I would get to go. Well...... I got tickets alright... and I got really, really good tickets!!! BUT......... Of all the times nothing happens in Coos Bay, Clint Black is coming to town and I get tickets and I'M GOING TO BE IN SAN ANTONIO!!!! Yeah that's right... Shane's graduation for the Air Force!!! What the hell is that all about?? I guess my daughter and her boyfriend will have a good time in my place. Although I wouldn't miss Shane's graduation for the world and my sister JoAnn and her husband are flying down to attend also. PARTY TIME!!! I can't wait for this trip either... I just wish I could be two places at one time!!! I guess Clint and I will have to share an evening some other time.... LOL

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a life!!

Meet Kegger... this is the cat of my daughters that I some how ended up with after she got a cute kitten and could only have one cat!! Something wrong with that but then again moms always seem to get the raw end of the deal!! I have five felines indoors, luckily the house isn't small and they usually stay out of my way for the most part. I had to take this pic as he loves to lay by the stove where its nice and warm and just chills there. You would think he would lay in that nice little couch he has below?? NOT Creepy eyes!!
Now the color really appears on Shane's ankle... and NO he isn't staying off of it. He worked all day in a friends yard pulling out shrubs etc. Comes home and whines to me that it hurts blah blah. Do I feel sorry for him.. NO!!! Did he stay home last night??? NO!!! So today guess what... He is mowing the lawn,,, no pity from me!!! Someday he will learn...?? maybe.....
It's a beautiful day on the Oregon coast!!! I need to be outside or at the ocean and I have to sit in here and sew today. My shoppe will not have new items if I don't create something quickly! I may work a bit and see if I can twist Steve's arm into taking me for a drive over to the ocean,,,, I so would like to see the sea lions sunbathing!!! Since its about a 10 minute drive from here that can't take too much of my sewing time right??? I will post more to this if we go!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I did it!!!

My long hair is officially gone!!! I have been thinking about cutting it for over a year now... and everytime I get to the beauty shop I just get a trim. Well this last week I just decided it was coming off. So I had an appointment to get a cut and I let her just cut it off!! She asked me if I was okay several times through the appointment and I must admit that first cut across the back kinda made my stomach turn. But I LOVE IT!!! Now just don't look too closely at that picture... the gray hair and the wrinkles!! OH MY!!

Steve was gone this last week on a mini vacation to Mazatlan and while he was away I decided to paint the red room. Two of the walls were red and I hated it from the day I originally painted it, but I kept the two walls red cuz Shane just had to have them RED... I had painted three coats of red and it never went on the way I envisioned it to... it was ugly!!! So while Steve was away I went in and painted it two shades of dark taupe's. I painted all the trim work in white and I love it now!! Of course there is nothing on the walls yet etc but if you had seen the before pics you would know why this room makes me happy now!!

I mentioned that Shane rolled his ankle again last night... playing basketball without a brace... Quite pretty huh?? I have put an end to the activity he loves... We have a countdown for bootcamp and he can't be injuring himself at this point... Ya think he would learn??

Really I should be sewing ... and trying to make a little money these days. So hard to be motivated!!! With tax money we will be paying off bills and then the stress of sewing will be relaxed a bit... I want it to be fun when I sew.. So the goal is to be debt free and happy.. NICE THOUGHT!! LOL...

I have to get a few dolls done this week for the WSOAPP shoppe!!! So I had better get busy and quit sitting on my butt here!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!