Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another doll done!!! Meet Hannah!! I listed her on ebay today and have a couple bids. Very pleased!! My dear friend and loyal customer gave me the idea for her and I have to say I'm glad she did. I probably wouldn't have been so bold to put the beautiful teal ribbon on her but I am glad I did. I ordered this wonderful seam tape from Glitter Your World and I just love it!! I placed another order yesterday for more goodies she has updated on her website. I tell ya... I needed this outlet online badly as I have no places to buy the things she has!!! LOVE IT!!
I didn't sew though today!! Another beautiful day on the Oregon coast and my yard called my name!!

Well... First Fred Meyer and Walmart called my pocketbook!! I spent way too much but got some wonderful plants today. I got home around 12pm and didn't go back in the house til 4pm. Shane helped me in the yard and we accomplished alot together. He mowed once again.. what a good son.. LOL. I am going to miss the help when he leaves!!!

As you can see by the pic.... the upper wall is completed. Now to fill with dirt, and then bark. Then plant!!! I have plans to plant the blue Lithodora like you see in the first planter closer and have it creep over the wall. Back around the corner will be plants of larger sizes. Our bunny hutch is back there so will make it a bit cuter than it has been the last year. Alot of work to do yet!! Our hillbilly neighbors behind us are driving us mad!! They have a wood pile in their back yard and the weeds/grass must be as high as the pile of wood. They have I don't know how many children living with them that do absolutely NOTHING! Today one of them decided to drive their bike right up the grass you see there and into their backyard. We have got to buy one more fence panel or plant bushes with thorns on them!! Not sure they have been taught manners at all!!
The azalea hedge is just starting to bloom up the front walkway. Next week it should be in full bloom. I also noticed one of my rhodies opening... I love this time of year!!! Now tomorrow I will be off to Eugene to get my car serviced. FINALLY!!! We will do the Costco run, Home Depot and maybe a few other things I would like to do... I HOPE!!! Until the next time.....

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Annie said...

She is just beautiful!! Her dress is so pretty and I love that teal ribbon on her...It really makes a statement! Your new goodies are on the way to you!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful support....Annie