Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm so out of shape!!

A peek at my side yard.... I worked from 10 am til 2:30 this afternoon.. pulling weeds , cutting back dried dead stuff and I tell ya.... by the time I came inside the house I'd swear I'm OLD and OUT OF SHAPE!!! Everything hurts!!! Sad part is the yard is no where near done,,, still have the back and need to plant flowers in the worst way. And looking at this pic I need to cut some grass away and straighten that line out... looks like I've been sipping the bottle while working... tee-hee....Obviously on another day, cuz my fingertips are so sore. My sister bought me a pair of really nice gardening gloves for my birthday and I went right through the fingertips today... I mean I worked hard!!! LOL. Every year we put down a layer of bark mulch so the soil is really loose and easy to pull the weeds,,,its just alot of the weeds seem to grow where I don't want them too!! Soon I will have more to show but for now this is the peek I'm giving you today. Now this is upsetting.... I was so excited for the news that Clint Black was going to be at the Mill Casino here in town... I called Steve and said I had to have tickets etc. as soon as they went on sale, he assured me I would get to go. Well...... I got tickets alright... and I got really, really good tickets!!! BUT......... Of all the times nothing happens in Coos Bay, Clint Black is coming to town and I get tickets and I'M GOING TO BE IN SAN ANTONIO!!!! Yeah that's right... Shane's graduation for the Air Force!!! What the hell is that all about?? I guess my daughter and her boyfriend will have a good time in my place. Although I wouldn't miss Shane's graduation for the world and my sister JoAnn and her husband are flying down to attend also. PARTY TIME!!! I can't wait for this trip either... I just wish I could be two places at one time!!! I guess Clint and I will have to share an evening some other time.... LOL

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