Monday, February 6, 2012

What a day what a day!!! No reason why I just said that other than it's been another quick day zipping by me! Not just a day but dang the whole weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. Superbowl over and done with!!! YES!!! And the right team won!!! Heck I really could've cared less regardless... MY team was not in it so it really didn't matter. Now onto NASCAR!!!

So... slowly today I started with a thought and then a little action into making something to go over my bed. I want something handmade and different. So I looked at this blank white canvas.... hmmmm what can I do with it? Thoughts were running through my head.. some too big for my doing myself so off to JoAnns fabrics for a sage colored blue paint to match my bedspread. LOL do you really think they make such a color??? Of course they don't!!! So lets mix these two together and see what we come up with...
THE PERFECT color!!!!! If I don't say so myself.... So went to painting that white canvas board... So it lays here drying.... And now what? Off to my Silhouette...So many ideas to choose from.... Stay tuned for the finished project....I'm thinking after all is said and done I need to visit the thrift store and see if it's possible to get an old frame to go around it....

Now onto what I really should be doing!!!  Packing!!  I have tomorrow to pack my suitcase for Kona..... Yes Sun, Sand and Drinks... I am so ready to be there!! Until tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Wow another day.... So much to do so little time and where the hell did my day go?? Physical Therapy first thing in the morning just throws me for a loop all day...and then of course it's the first weekend of the month and what did I do?? WENT TO WALLY WORLD!!! OH my what a error!!! Glad I made it home without sharing my outloud voice too much...

I have been really disappointed in ebay sales so have thrown my hat in at Etsy.... easy to list so I love that feature so far. I have met some wonderful online people far so good. I listed an angel today on ebay as other things were coming off NOT sold...
Who knows how she will do but what the heck I keep plugging along! Etsy also was updated today with items that didn't sell on ebay.
I have so many more things to get listed on there that have been sitting tomorrow is going to be one busy day!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where has the time gone now???

Wow.. January came and went !!!  Things have been hectic.... Medically I have had shoulder/neck issues which has taken my heart away from doing anything productive.  BUT I vow to change that!!!  I have been in physical therapy for weeks and as of last night I have to say I felt pretty good.  I even washed my car today!!!  Miracles do happen!!!

Speaking of miracles.... I actually finally got my ETSY shop!!!  Can hardly believe it as I have been procrastinating for years to do it.  Ebay sales have been slow and sad for the most part... so the more exposure the better I suppose!!   Not only did I set up my Etsy shop I now am going to get this selling blog going.  Yeah time to get busy!!! 

In my personal life those that have followed might like to know a few things...... 1. My daughter Laresa got married, and is now pregnant with my first grandchild!!! Yes Im going to finally be a grandma!!!  Due date is Aug. 16th... Will it ever get here???  So she is just ending her first trimester and doing well.  Praying for a healthy baby and moms health holding up.  2.  My son Shane married a longtime friend... Miranda. 
They both live in Missouri while Shane is in the Air Force. So proud of both my children!!
Many things have happened in my life this year but it would take me all day to catch up. Sooooo..... here goes a new start.... daily/weekly blog updates??? I'm going to make an effort!!!