Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving right along!

Moving right along is right!!! Another santa finished this evening and I couldnt be happier with the way he turned out!!! I still have one naked babe on the floor,,,she has been set aside for something special... not sure what but Im sure it will come to me in a whirlwind sometime and I will be excited to dress her. Until then she is pretty jealous of everyone else's attire here! This was pretty much the last of my new stuff on ebay to list before I leave on my trip. I have some smaller things Im working on for the shoppes and just hope I can finish those projects before friday. I hate when things are the last minute with me... I can procrastinate BIG TIME!! Heck wont even think about packing that suitcase til thursday afternoon, and yep will probaby forget something I really need also cuz I hate to think about packing early!!! Oh well..... thats just me, and will have to be this way cuz I aint changin my habits at this age!!! Onward to make dinner!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The days are flying by......

Amazing how fast the days are flying by now...not sure why the older you get the faster they go. I've tried to keep busy this week although I don't seem to have much completed,, seem to have alot of half finished things laying around in the creating room. I did manage to list the larger santa a bit ago... quite pleased with how he turned out. So much more I want to start or should I say finish before friday!!!
Yes.., Friday..., I fly off to Indiana on friday at the OH MY GOSH its early time of 6:40 am. Might as well not even go to bed thursday night! I hope its a pleasant flight , its one of those ones I don't get a first class seat in sad to say! I have been spoiled by my husband and hate flying in the back of the plane anymore. Anyways... I will be gone from Oct. 3rd thru the 12th so nothing here will probably be updated unless I can bother my sis in law or sister to let me use their computers. Not sure how much will be finished in the month of October by the time I return either sad to say!!! But bright note... I havent seen my brother and sister in law in years so will be a nice visit,,, cant wait to go shopping, have coffee and enjoy JoAnns cooking!!!! Oh hell I will probably need to be on a diet when I return,, in fact they may not even let me on the plane,,, I may weigh so much I have to be charged for extra baggage!!! YIKES!!!
So since I now have a few more days til I have to be serious about packing I will try to sew as much as I can,,, try to update poppy and wsoapp before I leave so that will be done.... WISH ME LUCK!!!!?????

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finished TWO!!!!

YES you read that right!!! ONE more naked body to dress! I listed Santa and Joy on ebay tonight... hoping for the best with sales but as we all know ebay is fickle ... ya just never know what will sell or what won't. Just love this time of year making santas, angels and snowmen ! So onward I say....!!! One more baby to dress here,, wish me luck!!!

Welcome Joy!!

Well what do you know I finished one of them naked bodies and now take a moment to WELCOME JOY!! So pleased with her and the way she turned out. Underneath she wears a minty green baby dress, and the banner in the minty green just went wonderfully together. I still may make a few tweaks with her and add a bundle of stars in her hand... or somethin..... Today I hope to work on the other two bodies... one is a santa and I have his clothes made they just need to dry.... so one more to go after him!!! So many things I want to make hard to decide which is first!!! Now I need to get busy!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Progress in some form

So as one can see, it's monday morning and the only two things I finished this whole weekend are the scrubs in the picture! Although I did alot this weekend thats the only thing I have to show for my time. Saturday we were off to the Ducks game,,, what a dissappointment that turned out to be. Losing to Boise State!!! We gave that game to them!!! Now I look forward to a day here to sew,,,, them naked babies on the floor are getting clothes today!!! More progress pics to follow as I finish!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday night football!!!

Whoohoo.... In an hour I am off for high school football... wish my son was still playing but none the less I find it very entertaining to watch. Fun to watch kids play when the almightly dollar isnt why they are playing. Tomorrow we are off to the Oregon Ducks game in Eugene. Season ticket holders for 5 years now and love every minute of college football. My daughter has never been to one as she attended college locally in town and there is no such thing as football there. She will be in for a surprise as it truly is an experience!!!

Today I finally finished another santa.... I listed him on ebay with high hopes of selling him .. one never knows with ebay though. Now I am down to three bodies laying naked on the floor!!! LOL I have ideas, but seem to now be torn in finishing them or making scrub tops!!! Oh the insanity of it all!!! Heres hoping the next time I write I have something else finished and those bodies are dressed!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And there was a boom!

I know there is a reason to poke a potato when you bake it. As a matter of fact my husband just asked me that question this weekend to which I said in a microwave it vents and allows it to bake without exploding. I assume that is true in a regular oven also. Well I thought I would be a wonderful wife and mother and bake potatoes and make potato skins for dinner. So I poke ALL the potatoes, and bake...I'm sitting in my sewing room and I hear a BOOM,,,, I just thought maybe it was a garbage truck across the street or something so I didn't bother to look to see. A little later I thought Id better check to see if the potatoes are done,,,and yep you got it... this wonderful mess greeted me and one empty potato skin! OH what a mess cleaning up dried potato in the oven!!!
On another note this is what has been taking my time lately. While naked doll bodies still lay on the floor I am making a scrub top for my daughter!! I thought I would surprise her and get it done. Never having used the pattern before I wasn't sure it was going to fit her and after putting it all together I was right in my thinking... IT was too big!!! Using an extra small pattern of course wouldn't be an actual extra small... it needed to be altered!! At least it was taking it in,, but to do it correctly it meant taking it all apart for the most part and then cutting away. But I just finished it and I am thrilled with the ending project!!!! I hope to make more now as I have altered the original pattern piece and it will be much easier when I go to make the next one!
So now I am going to sew for ME!!! Dolls need clothes and I have projects started that need to be completed..... Until my next mishap!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Accomplishing things!!!

Well I have finally made some headway in my creating!!! Yesterday I spent the day listing and writing...seems a neverending job that I really dont enjoy. The following pics show what I've been busy working on. I love the cone snowmen and my newest pumpkin cone. Both are offered on the WSOAPP site and Lemon Poppy Seeds. There are many new items I am selling on both sites and ebay!!!

A dear friend in Nacogdoches,Texas had asked me to make the pinkeeps for her shop. Just heard from her this morning, seems a tree fell on their home and they sustained alot of wind in her area. She watched pieces of siding and roofing come off her neighbors home. I was just happy to wake up to an email that they are okay, without power and using a generator but alive. Got a phone call from my sister in Indiana seems at that time she had lost about 7 trees in her area and since then my mom has updated it to be more like 20. What a storm Ike turned out to be! Haven't heard anything from Linda ( my sister in law ) of SimpleTresures. Hope all is okay there.
Well I guess its time to get things boxed up to send that sold and get busy with sewing again. I have high hopes today to sew and somehow clean the house, scrub showers etc... oh lucky me!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why is it so devastating?

First off good morning as I sit here with my cup of coffee...... and all of a sudden hear in this shriek voice... SOMEONE GOT SICK ON THE CARPET!!! Now mind you its just my husband and I here this morning..... I wouldve thought the world has came to an end as I grab a paper towel and pet spray to clean up this devastating mess on the carpet. ( I have four cats it happens!) I get down the stairs as he stands there over it... like he is protecting it from some ghost that might step in it. For the love of it, I take the paper towel pick it up and spray some stuff on it and walk up the stairs... he looks at me like thats what you do?? Now why in the world does he have to yell at me from the downstairs about this??? WHY didnt he just pick it up and get the spray?? Why am I the only one in the house with this knack for responding?? I just dont get it!!! I am leaving for Indiana in 15 days and will be gone a week,,,, HOW THE HECK WILL THIS HOUSE LOOK WHEN I RETURN?? Kinda getting worried since my husband says he needs a list of what he has to do. My comment... you mean you cant see that the cat litter on the floor needs to be swept more than once a day? They need to be fed and the litter box has to be scooped out everynight? I really dont know what he thinks I do all day long, this job never ends here.
Now no pics to show this morning on my progress but later today I may get one or two up on here. Im sewing and actually getting things completed!!! Very pleased with my progress yet four naked dollies still sit patiently in the corner waiting to be dressed!! Maybe today???

Friday, September 12, 2008

Doin the happy dance!!!

Well its been a good day here. First I have finished items for sale soon and I couldnt be happier with myself other than I still have doll bodies not dress on the floor...LOL me bad!! The mailman arrived today with a knock on my door and there was a wonderful package addressed to myself!!! OH the thrill of cutting the tape and the victory of torn paper!!! And oh all the goodies inside that smelled just wonderful!

OH so dang happy!!! This was the second part to my already swap,,, PeaPicker had sent me!! She truly outdid herself!!! The first pic was sent to me earlier and then the second pic is what arrived today!!!! Pea you overdid it but I love it all!!! Im in for the next swap we all do on WSOAPP!!! ....Oh doing the happy dance!!!!

So now its back to work I go!!!! So many things to do before my trip to Indiana!!!! Until my next post... !!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


If anyone gets a chance take a look at the new Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past and all the wonderful things for sale!!! Today is the first day and hope it turns out to be a great site to sell from. I have a few items for sale and hope to be adding more very soon.
As for my sewing.... LOL I didnt make much headway yesterday sewing. Seems mom duties were more important, like shopping and putting together a entertainment center!! Luckily Laresa and I did most of it and my son and his friend stopped by and helped with the final touches. My poor hand was so sore from using a dang philips screwdriver!!! But the final product was pretty!!! Now I still have the upstairs to carpet clean and heck still need to sew!!! Better luck today!!!??????????

Friday, September 5, 2008

Finished one order!

Okay lets just say I had good intentions today to get alot done in my sewing.... well sad to say I only finished my order. But arent they pretty!!! Very pleased at the finished pinkeep.
Well what did I do other than the sewing?? I cleaned the downstairs carpet!!! My husband bought me a new carpet cleaner a few weeks ago and I finally used it. Wow, I have a pretty good vaccum and I cant believe how much crap still came out of the carpet!!! But it is so soft now and fluffy... feels great on the bare feet. So now when the kids/husband comes home SHOES OFF!!! Tomorrow I hope to sew but before I can even think about it I have to color my hair and clean carpets upstairs!!! There goes my day for the most part. So if I get anything worked on tomorrow I will be sharing!

Finally going to sew!!!

Amazingly I am done moving boxes and unpacking boxes!! I swear I walked up and down so many stairs my legs should look pretty darn good.. LOL well its a good thought anyways. Seriously though... my daughter lives upstairs and with all the stairs in our house and then all those stairs getting stuff in the apartment whew... just glad its over! Her place is adorable, and when all the stuff is on the walls etc it will feel like home to her. I will take pictures once that part is done. After moving all her stuff I had to come home to moving my sons stuff into my daughters old room upstairs... YEP more stairs to climb!! Now I know why I woke up so sore!!

Now for the part I havent done!!! SEW. Today without fail I am working on finishing up a order and then onto all the naked bodies that lay on the floor.

So now I hope I have some good news that something here in either pictures is completed today!! I will be back to update!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wow I'm Still tired!!

Well I'm up early this morning... it's moving day for my daughter!! Not sure if I am sad or happy. Since she is only moving into town in a small one bedroom apartment she will be close by. Of course I will see her often due to me cat sitting during the day so that little guy isn't bored. I think what I will miss the most is walking into her room to just talk.
Not only are we moving her furniture I am moving my son from downstairs into her old room. ( Bad thing I still have to paint the room and now will have to do it moving his furniture around ) Yep more work ahead when I need to be sewing!
Lemon Poppy Seed is updated with a couple Christmas items and later this week the new WSOAPP website to sell under is opening, Sept. 7th!!! I am looking forward to the new venture and hope everyone does very well. Nice small group and very well managed. So thats my day so far this early morning. Maybe later I will have pictures to show of the move!!! Until then....