Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And there was a boom!

I know there is a reason to poke a potato when you bake it. As a matter of fact my husband just asked me that question this weekend to which I said in a microwave it vents and allows it to bake without exploding. I assume that is true in a regular oven also. Well I thought I would be a wonderful wife and mother and bake potatoes and make potato skins for dinner. So I poke ALL the potatoes, and bake...I'm sitting in my sewing room and I hear a BOOM,,,, I just thought maybe it was a garbage truck across the street or something so I didn't bother to look to see. A little later I thought Id better check to see if the potatoes are done,,,and yep you got it... this wonderful mess greeted me and one empty potato skin! OH what a mess cleaning up dried potato in the oven!!!
On another note this is what has been taking my time lately. While naked doll bodies still lay on the floor I am making a scrub top for my daughter!! I thought I would surprise her and get it done. Never having used the pattern before I wasn't sure it was going to fit her and after putting it all together I was right in my thinking... IT was too big!!! Using an extra small pattern of course wouldn't be an actual extra small... it needed to be altered!! At least it was taking it in,, but to do it correctly it meant taking it all apart for the most part and then cutting away. But I just finished it and I am thrilled with the ending project!!!! I hope to make more now as I have altered the original pattern piece and it will be much easier when I go to make the next one!
So now I am going to sew for ME!!! Dolls need clothes and I have projects started that need to be completed..... Until my next mishap!!!!

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Cookie said...

i'm really surprised that exploded! (for a sec, i thought you snuck in and took a pic of MY oven haha)