Friday, July 31, 2009

Nice way to wake up this morning!!! Shane called!!! Although a very short but brief talk all is going well. He sounded upbeat and is looking forward to BEAST next week. Whew..its a countdown now and I cannot wait to get to San Antonio!!! Seems the AF needs Shane's transcripts also from College of the Redwoods... if all goes well they will move him up to an E2 now and he will get more pay etc. Shane said he has written a couple letters since the gas chamber last Tuesday but as of yet I have not received on pins and needles to read!!!
I guess it was fun, that's all he said about it.

I actually have been sewing again!!! Nice to get my sewing machine back from mom and dad!!! Wow you don't know what you miss until its gone!!! I had bought another machine thinking my PFaff wasn't going to be repaired... but Dad got it fixed and it is so nice to have back!!! So I have set up two machines on my table... nice to not have to switch the threading as often.

Two Santa's have been listed on ebay I know its early for Santa's but they are truly my favorite thing to make so more will be coming!! Today I should finish off one of my fall dolls and get listed. Trying to be productive here!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another week down.. thankfully!!! 25 more days and I am off to San Antonio to see Shane!! The days can't go fast enough now. I had quite a surprise today. I was busy sewing and heard the doorbell. Looked out the window and saw Seth's blue truck outside ( Seth is Laresa's boyfriend) I went to the door and I could see the nervous look on his face. I asked him to come in, he took his shoes off and we went upstairs. He sits down and I am like thinking... OH you aren't here to tell me you are breaking up with her?? I cant deal with it!! BUT... quite the opposite. Seth asked me if he could marry my daughter... I about came out of my skin!!! I am very very happy!!! He told me he had the ring bought and wanted to ask her tonight after she got off work. OH I wanted to tell everyone!!! But I kept it to myself. Later they both showed up to show off her ring... Beautiful!!... She is just beaming from ear to ear in shock!!! He took her out to the ocean on a lookout cliff and showed her the driftwood that spelled out Will You Marry Me? in the sand. Seth said her eyes looked like a deer in headlights... totally shocked!!! Her comment was NO WAY,, YOUR KIDDING ME!! SERIOUSLY?? LOL. He was so scared to do it!!! So for all the crappy things that have been happening I hope this is the start of new beginnings...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a whirlwind roller coaster I have been on... CA and back and my mind is so full of things whirling around. It's got me on the edge. I have been wanting to go to the ocean for days now and today I just did it regardless of the weather. It was 53 degrees out and I took off the flip flops put on a jacket and walked along the beach. Listening to my music and just taking in all that was around me... TRUE HAPPINESS. I have so many emotions inside and I find such solace visiting the ocean to just sit and think.
I have heard from Shane a few times through letters this last week. Everything is going very, very well.... he actually has never complained about the heat, the yelling or not being home. So many of the guys are crying and wanting to go home so I take comfort in knowing he is adjusting to BMT. Shane says the food is AWESOME!!! Here is a list of his typical day of eating for him... Breakfast, 4 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, 2 hashbrown patties, an omelet, biscuit with cherries on top and an apple. Lunch, 4 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and whatever is there for lunch, Dinner, 4 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and whatever is on the dinner line. He has hot dogs, roast beef, chicken, onion rings and spaghetti...He is eating so that's always a good sign!!! I've never heard him eat so much in my life!! 27 more days and I will be in San Antonio to see him graduate!!! Buying the Puffs ahead of time cuz there is no doubt I will be an emotional wreck.
My creativity has been pretty much non existent... sad to say when I've got others asking for things and I cant seem to focus. Funny how there are certain things that can consume your thoughts and nothing else seems to matter...... but a reality check .. I need to get busy!! OH and for those inquiring minds that wondered what happened with the front door.... I came back from CA and it Steve had paid someone to paint it.... GLAD IT WASN'T ME DOING IT!!! Miracles do happen...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am thrilled I received TWO letters in the mail today!!! Shane is doing so well, can hardly believe that's the same person that left here weeks ago!! I am just happy, happy!! He loves chapel....says its AMAZING!!! He has made three close friends and feels like they have a real brotherhood going on in the unit. Shane has a woman T.I. and says its her first flight... so its been pretty laid back. Alot less yelling since he arrived. Had a penicillin shot in the hiney and it still hurts. He's been issued his M16 so he is lovin life. And he had to throw in... HE LOOKS HOT IN HIS UNIFORM!!! LOL. Gotta love him!!! He ended his letter with Love You Much!!! Your one and only son :) I tell ya this kid is different already!!! All in all everything he wrote was very positive which in turn makes me happier. Hope it continues!! August 21st cant come fast enough.

I listed July Santa yesterday on ebay. Santa's!! Nothing else much new.. sewing around about 9 dolls and will stuff maybe tomorrow. I have to pack for my trip to CA on friday so don't know how much sewing I will get done. I have one doll I need to at least get ready to dress for MISS POSSUM( lol)

Monday, July 6, 2009

OH the mail came today... and there sat this envelope. I thought YES I got the letter Shane said he wrote. But then I started to think... I sent him with the small envelopes and this was a bulk mail stamped envelope. He called friday and said he wrote me a letter there is no way it could be here already. Yeah.. It isn't the letter I was waiting for but all his graduation information. A little let down but yet its nice to see the handwriting. Also my postcard finally arrived to let me know he arrived... A BIT LATE 2 1/2 weeks later...OH well I am still happy and will just wait again tomorrow for that letter to arrive!
All in all things are getting better for me. I still go into his room just to take in his cologne, or look out the front window to see his car parked out there. My laundry has been cut more than in half, and what is cooking these days ? So I should be happy... BUT I MISS HIM!!!
I have managed to get two dolls listed on ebay and tonight hopefully I will update the WSOAPP shoppe. Esmeranda and Gretchen are the first of my Fall/Halloween dolls. I really don't enjoy that season so won't do too many things related to Halloween. Christmas is my favorite time of year and love anything to do with it. Very soon Santa's will be creeping on the listings... Hmm let's see the last time I read moms blog she still has her Christmas countdown going... something like 172 days left!!! Where the heck has 2009 gone? Cross your fingers my time waiting for graduation goes by fast... Stay tuned for updates hopefully tomorrow... LETTER, LETTER, LETTER!!! PLEASE!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!! The meaning of this day takes a different turn when you have a loved one that is joining the military. The thoughts of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice that we can be a Free country. I take great pride today to honor those that serve and have given their lives so that I can do what I please, worship as I please and speak my mind. Thank you to those in our military!! As I write this I of course take great pride in my son in Air Force BMT!!! I heard from Shane last night and as you might expect I was on cloud nine!! He sounded great!! He said its a mind game. Our conversation was short only about 4 minutes long. He is doing well and in good spirits. Has made some really good friends and finally wrote me a short letter he said. So til the next time I hear from him, I write a letter everyday and he loves getting mail!!! I am so proud!!!
So today we will work here at the house and then off to the bay to watch the fireworks the firefighters and the City of Coos Bay put on. Steve will have a barbecue down at his work... In the meantime Steve is outside sanding the front door!!! YES finally we may get this ugly door done and painted!!! ( okay it may not get done he just told me his hand is numb and he may have to quit) Figures,,, it will probably be finished by me... Of course the detailed sanding will be left up to me to get done..and of course the painting of the door. That may be a few weeks before I can get to it I dunno!!!
I am sewing today while he sands at the door.... I hope to have a doll ready to list on ebay and then I have a few special projects to get done. All in all a busy weekend no doubt. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend... Prayers for Brian as he is in treatment again and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!