Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am thrilled I received TWO letters in the mail today!!! Shane is doing so well, can hardly believe that's the same person that left here weeks ago!! I am just happy, happy!! He loves chapel....says its AMAZING!!! He has made three close friends and feels like they have a real brotherhood going on in the unit. Shane has a woman T.I. and says its her first flight... so its been pretty laid back. Alot less yelling since he arrived. Had a penicillin shot in the hiney and it still hurts. He's been issued his M16 so he is lovin life. And he had to throw in... HE LOOKS HOT IN HIS UNIFORM!!! LOL. Gotta love him!!! He ended his letter with Love You Much!!! Your one and only son :) I tell ya this kid is different already!!! All in all everything he wrote was very positive which in turn makes me happier. Hope it continues!! August 21st cant come fast enough.

I listed July Santa yesterday on ebay. Santa's!! Nothing else much new.. sewing around about 9 dolls and will stuff maybe tomorrow. I have to pack for my trip to CA on friday so don't know how much sewing I will get done. I have one doll I need to at least get ready to dress for MISS POSSUM( lol)

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