Friday, May 29, 2009

Well gosh it's friday already and where did this week go? Or should I say where has this month gone? 23 more days and Shane leaves for the Air Force.... sad, excited, apprehensive are all feelings I feel. I know its best for him to go, to grow up, to have a career and succeede in life but I am MOM and as a mom you want your child or children to be near you always. I have been mom and dad to both of them through their young years and have to say they have been my best friends at times, we have shared alot together. So Shane leaving will be very difficult for me. I gotta keep thinking about the positives!! I went to load pics from my camera and forgot that mom and I had gone to Mingus Park here in town and walked around it before they left. There were baby ducks that were just adorable until some dumb little bratty kid thought he needed to come in and chase them... oh was I pissed!!! A beautiful swan was under the Choshi bridge just chillin.Mom and I didn't take any bread to feed the ducks..... Last time Laresa and I went walking around the park we were chased by the retarded geese... with their mouths open like they were going to take a chunk out of your leg or whatever appendage they could catch up to first. Scared the daylights out of us so I was a bit leary of feeding them and having them fighting around us.
On another note... Last night after work my husband rang the doorbell. Now he has a set of keys and couldn't understand why the heck I was having to put down my sewing to go down the stairs to open the front door. But when I did open it there sat my new vaccum!!! I have wanted a Dyson for over a year now!!! With 5 indoor cats I needed it!!! Wow what a nice vaccum... I love it!!!!

And yes... I mentioned my sewing. I actually have a doll dressed this evening!!! She even has hair!!! With hopes tomorrow I will finish her and get her listed. Its been so long without creating I'm still having a hard time staying focused. I mowed the lawn today just to be outside in the nice weather. Maybe with rain on the way next week I will get the bug out of my system to be outside. Maybe???

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We arrived home from Orlando about 3 am Saturday and mom and dad arrived later that evening!! As one can imagine I went into fast clean mode! We had a very nice visit with mom and dad. Sunday we were off to church and then up to Gold and Silver Falls. I had never been there and heard so much about it....well worth the drive!! Beautiful up there!!! I felt bad that mom had to climb up the trails with a bad knee... Mom you need to go to the doctor!! Monday we were off to the ocean and Shore Acres. Unreal weather we have had!! Blue skies and no rain!! I think mom and dad enjoyed the temps. The ocean was exceptionally calm... Great photo ops that I haven't had a chance to have with mom and dad in along time.

Tuesday Dad,Mom and I went to town to local antique stores. I didn't find much other than two wool blankets that will make wonderful Santa suits. It was a nice day, I just feel bad I didn't cook any wonderful meals while my parents were visting. Dad eats leftovers and seemed he lived for days off the turkey and ham I made earlier. Sorry mom I don't do well in the cooking department.. LOL!!! Last night Dad took time to take photos. Shane will be off for the Air Force next month and this will be the last time they see him for some time.

Now I need to be busy sewing again. Seems the naked doll bodies have grown accustomed to no clothing... and I kinda am at a loss as to what to do with them all. I need a fire lit under my rearend to get motivated. I had really good intentions to sew after mom and dad left. That hasn't happened. Seems I wasted my day away just sitting...SOOOooo..... Tomorrow I vow to be productive!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow all in all yesterday turned out to be a pretty decent day. The sun was peaking out and we actually went to the park without plastic parkas... Rode quite a few more rides but never got on one of the large roller coasters... when I had convinced myself it was a do or die and might as well bite the bullet and go, Shane said maybe tomorrow!! LOL We then had a nice lunch at The Nascar Sports Grille... great food!!
Getting ready to leave the park I piped up and said we should do the Terminator show.... So we go in... wait the 40 minutes in line. Go into the show, which was very good, and when we got back outside it was pouring.... and I mean just pouring!!! Here I am in my American eagle leather flip flops... walking through rain and puddles... my capris were soaked, my hair a mess and just wanting to get back to our condo!!! Our driver came to pick us up quickly in time to watch the electric storm all the way back to the condo unit. Thunder clapped and cracked so loud you'd feel it in the SUV. Unreal weather!! Again I took a pic out the window... MORE RAIN!!!
BUT.... What about AMERICAN IDOL!!! WOW I jumped so fast off the couch when they announced Kris the winner!! I am so Happy!!! Although the 2 hour ordeal to get to the ending results were quite painful at times to listen to the outcome was right!! Kris sang wonderful with Keith Urban... On the other hand Adam about made me puke singing with one of my high school favs KISS. Hell those are 50 year old men up there with make up on... and there is another freak alongside them screeching in his platform boots. Quite fitting I must say. As you can tell... I was NEVER and will NEVER be an Adam Lambert fan..... I love and have always loved rock music but what I heard out of his mouth made my stomach turn... GLAMROCK is nothing I enjoy!! I'm very happy for Kris and his wife and family... He will be a success no doubt!!
Today we got up and did our owners meeting... okay that wasn't pleasant either!!! After doing one in Maui I swore Id never go to another!!! But they assured us it was to just go over new properties blah blah. NO high pressure sales etc... BULLSHIT!! After 2 hours of listening and then voices raising of my husband and the woman across the table I wanted to crawl under the table and disappear!! Finally Steve blatantly said NO period and we left. OFF to the outlets to shop!!! I found a great deal on a Columbia jacket so was quite pleased. On the way back to our condo we stopped at the Macaroni Grille and ate dinner. I think the best dinner I've had on the trip!!! While walking back in the nice windy weather (NO RAIN yet today!!) we looked off to the left of the sidewalk and there layed a small alligator.... UNREAL for us living on the west coast. No wonder they post these signs all around the condo pond outside!!! Tomorrow is our day of departure!!! Of course not til 6:20pm so will head to another Outlet shopping center in the morning and then we are back to the airport!!! If by chance this blog is a little haphazard I am posting from my mini laptop and on my end it all looks great...not sure on a regular screen if its messed up or not.... so please forgive me!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain, rain go away!!!! Please for the love of it GO AWAY!!! I am tired of it already!! We made our way to Universal studios today... little drizzly for the most part and a few heavy showers. We bought plastic parkas so made it a little better. We went on a couple amazing rides and will be venturing back tomorrow for the other half of the park. I have a few pics of Shane and I ...I have some dumb expressions on my face but I take what I can get with him...

Well Idol is over... its all up to the votes and I can only hope McDreamy Kris can win this years American Idol!!! I cannot stand Adam and the things I have to say I will keep to myself for fear I will offend someone out there. Anyone that knows me knows I love rock music, always have and Adam is not singing Rock music with that screeching he does.... I think Ryan Seacrest said it correctly Glam Rock... oh the thought of it makes me want to puke!! Thank goodness for free texting... Go Kris!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

WE are in ORLANDO!!! I am so tired tonight but thought Id post a short note. What is up with leaving Oregon to fly hundreds of miles to rain here??? I don't get it!!! To top it off its sunny at home. BUT the day we leave here its to be sunny and probably raining back at home. Now something is messed up there!!! Anyways... we arrived here in Florida. Its very green and temps only in the low 70s but a little more humid than home. Our timeshare is wonderful!!! A tub and shower sits in the middle of the bedroom.... and yes a volcano in the pool that shoots out water and is lit up night its amazing!!! A few pics to share. Tomorrow we are off to Universal Studios so I need to get some much needed rest here. Hope to have more pics to show!!!<

Well we are off to Orlando in an hour and half. I have been awake since 8 am and I will honestly say I am so tired I hope I can stay awake.... I don't want to sleep and have to wake up in a short time so I'm trying to keep busy here. Steve is fast asleep as he will drive the 2 hour drive to Eugene to catch our first flight. I am planning on sleeping through that drive!!! Going through the last minute things I need to have done here,,, notes to Laresa so she knows what to do etc.. the forget me not notes!!

I can't say I have done any sewing here.....but the yard looks pretty darn good if I don't say so myself. Steve and I have worked almost non stop the last two days, planting, mowing, weeding, and finally got the fountain working!!! I am thrilled at the project. There is only one top waterfall I have coming that will sit on the top of the fall and the water will drop off of it and into the waterfall below.... I hope it arrives this next week while we are gone!!
The Before and After

It's been weeks of tearing this thing down and starting over and I think at this point we have come to something we both like. When the plants grow I think it will really be pretty. The rest of my post here will just be pictures of the yard as that is all I have really been working on lately. I will hopefully post while on our trip...Wish me luck on the roller coasters!!! lol

Monday, May 11, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! Yesterday was also Steve's birthday and we spent the whole day working in the yard. What started out walking into the side yard and contemplating what to do with the holes created by rotted tree roots, ended up in a full days work. We got this idea to cut out all the grass and lay landscaping fabric down. Shane and I worked for hours digging grass and hauling it across the street. Steve is still working on our pond and waterfall. The cement blocked wall had to be all redone but I have to say its looking better. Of course not done, but before long !! Then we all went to dinner at the Coach House, wonderful food , crappy service last night. Oh well, seems from time to time that happens. Today Steve brought a load of bark mulch up to the house and I filled in where we removed the grass. Seems the slugs like to snack on my new flowers so the nice ring on my nice mulch is snail bait... DIE SUCKERS!!! lol.....I have done so much work in the yard the last few days... Ive worn through 2 more sets of gloves and my fingertips are so sore!!! Sad to say nothing is done on my dolls, I have alot of naked doll bodies just waiting for clothing...... I did manage to clean off my sewing table ... maybe tomorrow that will inspire me to be productive.
We were to be in Cancun this whole week but with the swine flu we cancelled it. Happily!!!! I never really wanted to go to Mexico again, just isn't my favorite place to go in the world. Monday we leave for Orlando, Florida. Since we are taking Shane I am really looking forward to this trip!!! Not sure what will be on the itinerary,,,, Universal studios and maybe a day at Disney. Shane loves roller coasters and I guess I will be his guinea pig mom to ride along with him. I loved roller coasters as a teen but at 46 I may have a heart attack!!! lol ....... Well the shows are all starting tonight and I need to get off of this computer...until my next post!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Morning!!! Well by the look outside today it's going to be a half decent day!! The sun is shining through the clouds so that's a plus!!! It has been so windy and rainy here on the Oregon coast! We have half finished projects in the front and back yard and we leave for Orlando a week from Monday. Mom and Dad will be here the day we get back so I have to get busy and get things finished here!! I was outside yesterday to pick up one of the bamboo plants that went over in the storm and noticed the azaleas on the back wall are in full bloom. So pretty, just wish they would bloom all year like that.
Since updates are done on WSOAPP I will show the two dolls I listed. Having a hard time with figuring out what to do with the doll once she's dressed.. I need your ideas Cindy!! I have four more doll bodies laying here with eyes, and 5 more Santa bodies laying here,NAKED, no eyes just black boots and Maybe today I will sew a bit but the weather outside is really calling my name!!! Steve asked if I wanted to go to Willamette Greystone to pick out the flat rocks for the waterfall,,, UM YEAH!!! I cant wait to get this project done and it working again!! So... with that said I think a shower is needed and I need to get busy. Maybe I will have pics to show of progress later today???

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Another drippy day on the Oregon coast... NOTHING is being finished outside and it seems the same is happening inside!! I think I have hit a wall!!! Dolls are put together but Im missing my ideas as to what to do with them, what to add to them, which direction to take their clothes etc. I hate when I have a block!! I have a few days before I have to update WSOAPP and I have got to get something finished!!! Then..... prepare for our trip!!! NOT TO CANCUN!!!! Yes great news!!! The swine flue epedemic changed all our plans to fly to Mexico again. And yes I have done the happy dance ever since our plans changed!!! Instead we are taking my son ( that will be leaving for bootcamp in June) to Orlando. I hope it will be a trip he will enjoy and us also. I know for myself the time spent, the photos taken will be memorable. Not sure what we are going to do when we get there yet but we will be busy no doubt.
A big Happy Birthday to my mom.... Dolls in the Attic...Shirley yesterday!!! I hear she had a nice day and received wonderful gifts... Sorry I couldnt be there!!! I think these are some great pictures taken yesterday with Ashlyn, my neice.