Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We arrived home from Orlando about 3 am Saturday and mom and dad arrived later that evening!! As one can imagine I went into fast clean mode! We had a very nice visit with mom and dad. Sunday we were off to church and then up to Gold and Silver Falls. I had never been there and heard so much about it....well worth the drive!! Beautiful up there!!! I felt bad that mom had to climb up the trails with a bad knee... Mom you need to go to the doctor!! Monday we were off to the ocean and Shore Acres. Unreal weather we have had!! Blue skies and no rain!! I think mom and dad enjoyed the temps. The ocean was exceptionally calm... Great photo ops that I haven't had a chance to have with mom and dad in along time.

Tuesday Dad,Mom and I went to town to local antique stores. I didn't find much other than two wool blankets that will make wonderful Santa suits. It was a nice day, I just feel bad I didn't cook any wonderful meals while my parents were visting. Dad eats leftovers and seemed he lived for days off the turkey and ham I made earlier. Sorry mom I don't do well in the cooking department.. LOL!!! Last night Dad took time to take photos. Shane will be off for the Air Force next month and this will be the last time they see him for some time.

Now I need to be busy sewing again. Seems the naked doll bodies have grown accustomed to no clothing... and I kinda am at a loss as to what to do with them all. I need a fire lit under my rearend to get motivated. I had really good intentions to sew after mom and dad left. That hasn't happened. Seems I wasted my day away just sitting...SOOOooo..... Tomorrow I vow to be productive!!!

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Dolls In The Attic said...

Deb, we had a great time and you cooked just right for me!! And does love leftovers. He would be upset if you threw them away. Alot of great memories over the Memorial Day weekend..seeing all of you and especially Shane before he leaves for bootcamp!
Love you!