Sunday, August 31, 2008


I wanted to thank Ivonne from The Crackling Crows for giving me this wonderful award What a surprise!!! Once an award is received, the rules are as follows:1- Put the logo on your blog. 2-Add a link to the person who awarded you. 3-Nominate at least seven other blogs. 4- Add links to those blogs on your blog. 5- Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.
My nominees are!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally back home!!!

So happy to be back home!! Steve and I were treated to a weekend getaway with several other couples on a trip to San Diego and Catalina island this last weekend. My husband does advertising through TBS broadcasting and this was a way of saying thank you to some of their customers. So friday we boarded a plane for San Diego, all expenses paid, airfare, food, limos, hotel etc. The hotel we were in was in the 300.00 dollar a night range. Beautiful old historic U.S.Grant. Where a bag of M&Ms go for 8.00 a bag (thats the normal bag we buy for 50cents). Expensive! A picture of their headboard in the room tells it all.... Care to guess how much this so called piece of art sells for? $12,000 dollars!!! Yes above each bed is this piece of padded fabric for a headboard and what looks to be a drawing with a sharpie pen! My husband and I laughed at it, looks like if you made a mistake you just darken it in and move on. There are tiny dots for the fine lines and big blotchy black thick marks for dark outlines. Heck I think I could do this and be rich!!!
We spent saturday on Catalina island. Pretty island but nothing I want to return to anytime in the near future. Very touristy. Lots of small bars, restaurants and shops. Tons of people on the beaches!!! You couldn't even see the sand between the people is how crowded it was!!! Alot of people proud to show off their bodies, some deserving to and some well lets just say I didn't need to see!!!

Golf carts were rented for us and we toured the little bit of the island you can view by driving them. I was excited to see the botanical gardens... LOL. I invisioned beautiful flowers, LOL... much to my surprise I got to see CACTUS and more CACTUS!!! Dry ugly sage brush!!! I did happen to catch one of these cactus blooming!!! Wow a site to The highlight of the trip for my husband and I was touring the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier. If anyone truly knows me they know I am totally infatuated with history and war memorabilia. Sit me down with a good war story or movie and I am hooked. Steve and I spent over 3 hours aboard the ship and enjoyed every minute of it. It's amazing to see what small cramped quarters our servicemen live in for months at a time so that we may be free.... Overlooking the ship there is this wonderful statue which Im sure greets sailors that come into dock with memories of their loved ones. So now its back to reality and my sewing and cleaning. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some progress to share!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome Esmeranda!!! My newest doll offered on ebay. I have been so busy making dolls, and filling orders I hardly have time to fold clothes, vaccum etc.....BUT my family sure thinks I do nothing all day. What is it with staying at home? Do they seriously think I sit here on the computer all day long and then whip up a doll real quick and list her??? I made more trips to town today to do stupid things others wanted me to do... made me so mad!!! Here I thought for sure I could stay home all day.. Peace and Quiet no trips to town, no Walmart etc. LOL nope I think an alarm went off in heads and it said... CALL HER, ASK HER, she will do it!!! Yeah... good ole mom!!! Anyways... I am hoping tomorrow will be a day I can do all I wanted to do today and didn't get to do!
I keep looking at our lawn outside... hmmm lets see its been a week since its been mowed and IM ON STRIKE... as much as I want to go out there and mow it IM not going to. I think the person that comes home from work and sits all day can do it.... Im tired of doing it all... Im not superwoman like someone seems to think I am!!! Until tomorrow......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

GEt in on the Giveaway!!

I know I probably shouldnt send anyone over to view this because I want to win it myself... but to be fair... here is the link to Soft in the Head....She is giving away some wonderful items in a drawing!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Meet Miss Dottie...... "sad eyes".. thats a perception you can judge for yourself. Anyways... with all that my day had in store for me I managed to finish her and get her listed tonight. At one point today she sat on my lap.. no lips, no hair just eyes and a dress on her. I didn't even think I wanted to finish her. She is lucky to be here tonight!
As for my earlier complaints... I am over it... Im sure if she decides to email me again she will get under my skin but I won't grace her with my words of thank you for her wise interpretations of my dolls.... I will have to keep my real feelings inside... she can say whatever she wants... Im not changing my dolls eyes for her.... these are MY babies!!! So on to the next creation.. I have so much I need to do before the 15th !!! Time is getting away!!! Now tomorrow I plan to wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed!!!

OH for the love of it!!

I tell ya today has just topped my week.... and going to Walmart a short time ago has just sent me over the edge.... Yep I left the store in tears!!! I went to pick up a cd .. a gift to be for my sister... And in our Walmart and just about every Walmart Ive ever been in they hire the worst cashiers!!! Well lo and behold today was no exception!!! I like to park in out in the boonies due to my new car... and so I use the garden department almost daily. Well today I get the two worst clerks God probably created.... Not only are they both slow but overcharge numerous times to me and well heck I didnt want to walk clear up to the front again and then to the back forty to get my car in the drippy weather! So I go through.... she rings my cd up three times .. trying to put in a coupon for razor blades!!! Now how the heck do you do that? Finally I finish and go out the door.... get in my car and she is standing outside that doorway... with my CD in hand!!! Not only was she slow but she never even made the cd into the bag!!! By the time I get inside again shes back at the register.. hands me the cd and the poor door greeter ( bless her heart) had to take me aside and give me a hug which just started the tears flowing. I need a break.. make that a long break... CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!

Apparently I must be doing something wrong or right?

I guess now I must've woke up on the wrong side of the bed.... or this just hit me wrong first thing this morning. I received a comment to my newest listing on ebay. It goes as follows with the name witheld.
"You make some lovely dolls and a lot of hard work goes into to them. It is not my intent to hurt your feelings. I was wondering about something though that my friend commented to me about and that was "how come all her dolls look so sad?". I said I noticed that's like their eyes are looking down too much and making them look so sad...but then I am not an expert my any means. "
Now while I can take this with corrective critism I also take it as a heartfelt negative one. If this is my style of eye it is my style of eye... you can either like it or not like it. If I made my eyes like every other dollmaker out there then what else would make them different? I really should consider the source as if I recall its the same person that complained about my shipping being WAY too high compared to anyone elses. I compared auctions to her and then she bid on mine anyways. HMMM..... Am I taking this hard today? YES... guess that heart is worn on my sleeve. So what does this do to me??? Does it make me second guess all I am doing? Are there others that feel or say that same comment?? And do I give it the time of day??? I guess its YES to all those questions... Wow !!! This puts a freaken crimp in my day!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another day in the neighborhood... :)

Well one more down!!! Seems I am slowly but surely getting my dolls dressed finally! So hard for me to have them come to life and make them different. Sometimes I feel I get in a rut and just dont know if I am making something that makes others go ewww or ahhh.... but I'm plugging along here. Miranda is up on ebay for sale now... I do love the little gal!!
Nothing else much new here.... alot I want to do and I dont feel Im getting much accomplished in a day. Oh well tomorrow is a new day!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SLOWLY but surely!!????????

Well Zoey has made her debut on ebay!! Hard to believe after days of bodies sitting around ONE actually made it to completion. Im battling one of those days that everyone seemed to want my time and my sewing has taken a backseat. I hate these days!! Why is it that on their days off they seem to think Im to take one off? I have a splitting headache and I need a break!!! Steve is taking me out to dinner... okay one consolation for the day. I dont have any dishes to do!! BUT I will be sewing again all night in this room cuz my time was not MY time today!!! Tomorrow has to be better!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I dont know about you but does this look like progress???

Naked bodies all over the dang place!! I sure hope someone decides to dress these babies soon Im getting tired of stepping over them to do things in this sewing room!

On another note... nothing else much new here today,,,its cold and foggy here. Strange August in the 50s and the leaves are falling off the trees. I dont know about in other places but we didnt have a summer here. Oh take that back we had two days that were warm.. one of those being hot near 90 the other high 70s. Then fall set in... burrrrrr!!!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Its GREEK!!!

Yep look what I got.. Don't have a clue how to use it!!! Its GREEK!!! I so hoped to install this and figure it out... what it all does etc...LOL now thats a joke for me!! Somehow , someway I will figure this out if it takes me a lifetime... which it probably will!
Other than installing Photoshop I spent my day sewing... I have one pumpkin doll in the making and four other dolls... STILL have three naked Santas laying on the floor in a pile and they might still be there next week!! Somehow I need to get my rear in gear here!!! Until tomorrow... thats my life.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday morning!!

Ugh how the heck did it get to be saturday already? Im still half asleep sitting here, sat up on the laptop in bed last night reading Joker's updates on Big Brother just to see who won the power of veto!! Okay... 3am is when I got the results and I am freaken tired now!!!
I took yesterday off due to my house crying for some attention. The vaccuming was overdue by a day or two( with five indoor cats it has to be done at least every other day if not everyday). Then those forever piles of laundry that seem to never get smaller , and when they do... they grow faster than a weed!!! Always something that needs to be done inside....and well we won't even mention the weeds I need to pull outside!!! That will be another day for sure! Steve and I spent the last two days also getting financing for Shane to get a car .... yep that boy is making payments on something worthwhile now!!! Beautiful little car though and he is very happy!!!

Finally late on thursday evening I was able to get my poppy dolls listed and ready for sale. Was a very good morning yesterday to wake up to several items selling right away!! Wish I had more made!!! So today I am working all day..... EVERYONE in this house better leave me alone!!! Heres the newest pumpkin doll available on Lemon Poppy Seeds....