Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday morning...

What a wonderful Sunday morning.... A whopping 59 degrees!! I love it! There is no sun this morning which is pretty normal. The heat in the valley sucks the fog bank into our coastal town til about noon and returns about 6pm. I hear so many stories about weather, no rain, extreme heat etc. I get up and its calm, cool and green.... It truly for me is "Gods Country" I am truly blessed and hope that today is a Great Day!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life's a Yawn....

Exactly how I feel today!! What a crappy night!! This pic is of my dear and closest feline... she follows me everywhere, she sleeps all day and lives the life of a Queen.... Yet why oh why does she find it necessary during the night to wake me up continuously?? Seriously do you need attention all night too?? Needless to say I will be the one yawning today due to lack of sleep last night!! Thanks Brandy!!!

On a good note I hope.... I finally set up a selling blog!!! I hope to finally start adding my dolls and things to this. I figure it's worth a try. Yay to me!!

Well it's definetly a pot of coffee today to wake me up.... so onward with my day!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Well call me a liar!!!

Well obviously I did not stand by what I wrote earlier in the year!!  I have not blogged... ME BAD!!!  Oh so much is going on in life it isnt funny..... Divorces, Weddings, loved ones with Cancer and the list goes on and on.  I think it's time to as my grandma would say to " FORGET ON IT"!!! I really feel the worst for my dear mom.  That is one woman that bears so much on her shoulders.  Things just have to get better!!!

Tonight was fantastic on another note!!!  Travis Tritt concert at the Mill Casino!!! HOLY crap he was just as sexy now as he was 10 years ago!! And he can sing like no other!!!  Great night... fifth row back and amazing!!!

So...... Now its about that time to lay my head down.... Can I sleep after watching Travis??? HMMMM sweet dreams tonight!! :)  Going to have a new blog soon to sell items!!!  So obviously I plan to be better at writing more often!!!! Niteee nite!!!