Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June and so much to do!!!

First off I have had alot of questions regarding my Kegger that disappeared.... He is back!!!! Four weeks to the day and he appears. I was in Missouri visiting my son, Shane. My daughter takes care of my cats when we go out of town. She comes normaly once a day but for some reason she decided to come twice that day and once being late at night. She pulled up to the house and there he was curled up on our driveway!!! She said she was shaking she could hardly believe he was home. He ran to the back fence and she finally got him to come to her. Lets just say... he was thin!!! He ate like no other and hasn't stopped since he got back!!! I cried when she called me to tell me the news... So, so happy he is home!!! On another note... I have been plugging away at just creating dolls and jewelry.... Planning a baby shower for my daughter, which I am so excited for!!! Aren't these the cutest invitations I made?!! Tickled with the way they turned out... Going with a western/cowboy theme. I have two other friends of Laresa's helping with the planning so will make it less stressful for me I hope. Photos after the special day I promise!! Create, create in all my other spare time.... So what have I been doing??? Pictures are worth a thousand words... Busy, Busy until next time!!!