Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!! The meaning of this day takes a different turn when you have a loved one that is joining the military. The thoughts of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice that we can be a Free country. I take great pride today to honor those that serve and have given their lives so that I can do what I please, worship as I please and speak my mind. Thank you to those in our military!! As I write this I of course take great pride in my son in Air Force BMT!!! I heard from Shane last night and as you might expect I was on cloud nine!! He sounded great!! He said its a mind game. Our conversation was short only about 4 minutes long. He is doing well and in good spirits. Has made some really good friends and finally wrote me a short letter he said. So til the next time I hear from him, I write a letter everyday and he loves getting mail!!! I am so proud!!!
So today we will work here at the house and then off to the bay to watch the fireworks the firefighters and the City of Coos Bay put on. Steve will have a barbecue down at his work... In the meantime Steve is outside sanding the front door!!! YES finally we may get this ugly door done and painted!!! ( okay it may not get done he just told me his hand is numb and he may have to quit) Figures,,, it will probably be finished by me... Of course the detailed sanding will be left up to me to get done..and of course the painting of the door. That may be a few weeks before I can get to it I dunno!!!
I am sewing today while he sands at the door.... I hope to have a doll ready to list on ebay and then I have a few special projects to get done. All in all a busy weekend no doubt. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend... Prayers for Brian as he is in treatment again and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

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