Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well I had the best intentions this morning to get up and sew on a doll I need to get done. LOL I took one look outside and knew that was not going to happen!! The sun was shining and we had beautiful blue sky!!! Steve and I took a drive to the ocean,, wasn't quite as pretty as the fog bank was still visible at that hour but calming none the less. We did our weekend shopping and headed home. Since it was so nice out I asked Laresa to come over and help me cut Dots nails. So we did that with ease and then he finally got out on his leash!!! He loved it!!! Its been a long time since the sun has shined .

I also spent time in the backyard. Finally pulled the weeds in the backyard, planted flowers in the hanging baskets and got my fountain running after the winter crud settled in it. So many things I need to get done outside and flowers to buy and plant!!! We still are working on the side yard wall and hope in another week or so to show pics of things planted in that area.... who knows though rain is to be back by Wednesday!!

I managed to snap a couple photos of the kids today... Soon Shane won't be here so every photo I can get I'm taking an opportunity to grab. I plan to have my digital photo frame loaded and running all the time when he leaves!!! Laresa wouldn't smile for me, she says she hates pictures but I know she really likes them taken!!! Well there is a couple hours left here before the sun goes down. I think I can clean my sewing room and maybe think about sewing??

Speaking of sewing!! I'm so upset!! I took my wonderful Pfaff sewing machine in to be cleaned and adjusted. For a short time it has been doing something crazy to the bottom stitches so I am thinking it must be the tension. Instead of me playing with it I took it into a guy that JoAnns fabrics told me is really good. So I take it in on Monday... and he tells me it will be a week or so before he can get to it. Friday I got the phone call I didn't want to hear... Sorry I cant seem to fix it. I have tried everything but to no avail!! No charge. Okay ... I go pick it up and I'm so unhappy. I loved this machine!!! There is no Pfaff dealer where I live so not sure what I am going to do. I did order a new bobbin case in hopes that maybe a new one might make a difference. I don't know but it cant hurt!! While sitting here this evening I got the machine out and figured what the heck,, tighten the tension on the top and see if I cant get the stitches to work right. Well I finally achieved some normal stitches on osnaburg... will it work on other cotton fabrics?? I don't know yet!!! I'm sure the saga of my sewing machine is not over sad to say!!!

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