Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What else??

OH my should I even ask that question these days?? What does a box cutter blade and a tire marked with a white x mean?? Let's just say $1026.00!!!! Yep there went some hard earned dollars today. I'm not going to post on here what I think happened but I have a pretty clear idea and it came from driving out of my garage. Enough said. I left , went to Walmart. Went in and when I put my car in drive( didnt move the vehicle) my warning light came on that rear tire pressure was low in the right rear. Fancy little thing there, tells ya all the information BUT I didn't want to see it on!!! I drove right to Les Schwab tires and they proceed to show me the blade and the news. Due to this being a odd size tire, and of course a Michelin and not what they sale and an ALL Wheel Drive vehicle I need to have all the same tire tread running on all four tires... or it can mess my whole system on my new car. Not even 5,000 miles on the car and Im replacing all four dang tires!!! Peeved... well thats an understatement... theory.... What comes around goes around !!!

I'm tired of bad news...need some good karma coming my way , so crossing fingers the sales keep coming on ebay, and with new items being listed in the shoppes things pick up. Life just seems to throw stones on some days and I'm a bit bruised and battered here!!! Not to mention I think Im getting sick... that just bums me out!!!

I did just list a new santa... So many other things here not finished so need to get busy tonight. Hubby is away and its time to pull a longer shift in the sewing room!!! No rest for the weary!!!

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