Thursday, July 3, 2008

My babies....

Besides my yard and my sewing what brings me alot of joy is my dear babies... Yep thats 5 cats...all indoor spoiled!!! See if you can figure out a pattern here..... My first cat is named Mai Tai, the second Daquiri, the third Bacardi , the fourth Brandy and my daughters the fifth Kegger.... I love them all and they all have their own personalities to deal with but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Yes.. I am a cat lover and it breaks my heart to see those that are abused or injured... can't even watch ANIMAL COPS!!! Im the lady that stops to see a animal in the middle of the mall when they are adopting them out... the big puppy dog eyes I give my husband that says I want it!!!
On another note... I'm creating again today. Yesterday was spent working in the yard and I think the majority of this weekend will be doing that so best get as much as I can out of today.
Back Porch Pickins is having a blog giveaway... all you have to do is post on her blog!!! If you get a chance take a peek and post... her blog is worth viewing!!! Until the next time I post.... Have a wonderful day!!!

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Cypress Hollow said...

Debbie I love your cats. I'm an animal lover too. Sorry to hear your sons leaving. I wish him a safe trip until he's home for good. I know it must be so hard to let him go. I feel for you! I like your blog and your wonderful dolls. Wanda