Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well Im back from Washington, NO WOOL has arrived at my doorstep. My dolls still are bald.....Does anyone buy bald dolls? Im so tired of waiting.....
On another note, papers are signed now and on the 27th Shane goes off to bootcamp for 8 weeks. I will be honest in saying my heart is worn on my shoulder right now. I need a pick me up..... that wool better get here!!!

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Doreen said...

I think even bald your dolls are about you paint one orange and one white..and they can be pumpkins!!! Put a stem on top and there ya go :).

A son off to boot camp..I can see why you are a little heart sick over it...but what a corageous and wonderful thing he is doing for his country. He sounds like a great responsible man.

Welcome to Wsoapp by the way. :)

Take care,