Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another wintery day on the Oregon coast... RAIN!!! Oh don't get me wrong I am not complaining,,, I LOVE IT!!! It's days like this I wanna create, just wish I knew which thing I wanted to put my heart and soul into today. Seems lately I wanna do everything!! There isn't a set goal I'm kinda doing a little of this and a little of that and not getting much done. Gotta change this!!!
My passion for chunky interesting jewelry has consumed my evening while watching tv... Here are a few I have been working on...
This was made for a special person and I won't say whom cuz she may read this before her birthday!! Needless to say.... I do love this piece.

Time consuming but so enjoyable to make. The latter piece is mine. Not sure I am finished with it yet as I think it may need pearls or black glass beads.... Two old rhinestone necklaces were in my jewelry box that belonged to my ex-husbands mom before she passed away. They have been in my possession for many years and well my love for the old rhinestones and anything that sparkles and whalah!!! I have something for myself!!! Now I am on the hunt for old jewelry pieces, broken etc I will figure a way to use them!!! Gotta find them cheap though cuz this can be one expensive hobby!!! Maybe I had better make some to sell and recoup some costs!!!
So with that said... I need to get busy!!!!

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