Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Day has came!!! We are off to Portland and have an early flight out tomorrow morning for San Antonio!! Hard to believe Shane is almost finished with BMT and graduating. It feels like forever since I have seen him!! I have had quite a few phone calls this last week, some short and some very long. He has been very talkative!! I plan to take lots of photos so my blog may be full of them....hopefully will update while on the trip. OH I am so excited!!!
I have been pretty busy sewing and did quite well on Santa's this last week. Last night I listed Galinda on a 5 day auction since I am leaving town. So much to do when we return from our trip!! I thought I would have a bunch of dolls stockpiled and ready to list in the fall... LOL NOT!!! Why do I have these high hopes and then not follow through with them?? So obviously I will have to put my foot down and sew and quit procrastinating!! But then there's all the weeds that need to be pulled before the rains start, and then all that painting that needs to be done inside the house!! Not to mention the wedding, Duck football games and Maui...OH such a busy schedule coming up!!! I need a clone!!! Anyways... I have so much to do here I need to get off this computer... Procrastinating is one of my crutches in life... I haven't packed yet!!! We leave in a couple hours!!! Wish me luck on my trip!!!