Friday, February 13, 2009

The Last day and Home again

Well tuesday was quite the day... got up checked out of the condo and then drove into Lahaina ... found a really nice restaurant to have breakfast and then I went shopping and Steve off to the tattoo parlor. About an hour later he was done and well I wouldn't say I was but we met up and left my favorite part of the island. Drove down to Kehei, walked through small shopping centers and tried wasting time.. Yes our flight wasnt due til 10:30 pm which meant a day of doing something but didn't really want to do anything but get home. So while driving around we venture a new way up to the Iao needle. After all the times on Maui I have looked at brochures and said I wanna go there and we just never had. Since we were so close we drove up there. Well worth it,,, It was gorgeous rainforest!! Huge philodendron leaves, waterfalls, and tons of stairs to the lookout point!!! Well worth the walk up there but my calves sure felt it yesterday!!

We arrived at the Portland airport after a detour to Salt Lake City since the original plane we were to fly on was delayed from LA to Maui we got on an earlier flight but longer. Flying in first class makes those long trips much easier!! Was so happy to finally get to our car and head towards home. After a 4 1/2 hour drive in the car we made it to our humble abode!! Was so happy to see my cats and all the stuff I needed to do staring me in the face. Extremely hard for me to get back into a routine. Yesterday I dealt with a horrible headache and neck pain and felt like crap but today seems to be pretty darn good so far! I hope to sew!!! Crossing my fingers for progress!!

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