Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm not going to sucks!!

I'm Serious when I say I'm not going to lie,,,my life just sucks!!! I can't seem to do a thing right, I'm tired and feel like whatever I do there is a catch or something wrong with it. This week has just been one thing after the other and I want to go to sleep and hope that tomorrow is better!

My daughter had her echocardiogram on tuesday and results showed things on it that now she has to see a cardiologist. Kinda scary at 21 to have a doctor tell you that you could have a stroke! As a parent to sit back and hear it makes me very very sad and yes scared. It just tops everything else going on in my previous post. Paypal and my checking are still not meeting eye to eye. I'm waiting on a debit card so I have access to my money and yes.. you name it my day just gets better. Photobucket decided I guess that I was lying about my password when I tried to log in... now that for the life of me doesn't make sense as I had it saved in my computer!! So had to make a new password. I thought things happened in 3's... well I think in my life they are happening by the dozens with no end in sight right now. Just need things to slow down here,, I want to enjoy the holiday and quit stressing over everything and everyone. I'm tired of crying, or being upset!!!
I finally was able to finish a few things and list on ebay... and hopefully in a very short time here I will have two more santas to list. Just waiting on bears to dry in the oven. Then,, who knows what I'm doing... three naked bodies lay here awaiting something to happen to them. Maybe I can get the will to do something with them?? LOL... until then... Enjoy your day!!!