Friday, May 2, 2008

Ive been so busy!!

It's May and where has the time gone??? I have been so busy so far this year what is up with that?? When the busy season ended last year I thought wow now I have time to paint the rooms that need to be painted, work in my yard etc. LOL .... I am living in my sewing room!!! From the time I get up til the time I go to bed. Well maybe a trip or two to town to buy supplies from time to time but you get the picture. I am working my fingers off!! I think I need to start treating this more like a job and get off at a certain time at night... my husband is starting to think he is single! yikes!!!

The weather here is still wet. We had one beautiful weekend a few weeks ago and I was able to take two days off and work in the yard. Weeded til my hearts content and my poor fingers were too sore to thread a needle. But the yard looks pretty!!! Then the rains returned, and it rains and it rains!! Hope to write next time with good news of sunshine!!!

Enjoy today and God Bless us all.....

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