Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where's the days going???

Wow its almost July!! Where the heck did the year go so far?? I feel Im barely putting away the Christmas items and here I go putting them back out before I know it... Hmmm lets see... school supplies are just about ready to arrive on the shelves at walmarts main isles... which means Halloween costumes, candy and garb out...... soon as school starts the Christmas overtakes a space and OH MY GOSH Im behind again!! Forever the story of my life!!!

Today I started off on a good note.... got up, had coffee... sewed around the 8 dolls I had traced out last night and then went walking 3 miles with a friend. Came home cut around those 8 dolls and turned them right side out. Now I sit here contemplating stuffing them all... ugh.. wishing that part was done! I have high hopes though as I sit and think of what Im making.... July is kick off for Christmas in July on Poppy Seeds so will hopefully have new items up .... and then back in the halloween and maybe the angel making for a few weeks. Now if I just dont get sidetracked! Ive posted a few pictures of new dolls I have on ebay now...

My son leaves soon for bootcamp so I may find myself trying to work more in my sewing room to pass the time faster. My daughter is off working as a medical assistant and looking to move out in a place of her own. Hmm imagine.. wanting to move away from me....??? How sad is that?!!!

Well suppose thats my day so far... and the dolls parts sitting here on the floor arent stuffing themselves!!! Back to work I go!!!! Until next time....

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Hi Deb
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