Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sadly back from vacation.....

Hello to all!!! Just returned from my trip to Kauai!!! Oh if you have never been you just have to go! I thought all along my favorite island was Maui but I have since changed my mind. Kauai turned out to be what I think is my favorite,,, its green and beautiful.
We arrived last tuesday night. Got our luggage and we were off to surprise my parents, and my two sisters and their husbands. They had arrived earlier in the day and had no clue as to us showing up. They were shocked as you can imagine. We shared drinks that night and yes I paid for it the next day! But I stuck it out to venture out into the beautiful scenery. We did so many things while together, a cocktail cruise that I would recommend to everyone!!! Sadly we had to return home yesterday but I will be back soon!!!!

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Primcyn said...

what lovely pictures! I could enjoy this place a lot!! Best wishes with blogging Cindy Il.